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Information Technology Services

Long Distance Access Code (LDAC)

faculty and staff only

The Long Distance Access Code (LDAC) is used by employees to make long distance phone calls for business purposes (or to call their homes). Each person's LDAC is unique.

How do I get an LDAC?

First, your department head needs to approve your request to have long distance access for your job duties. Once you've been approved for long distance (national, international, or both) calling, the Help Center will process the request in UIS and then you will receive a system generated email instructing you how to use your new long distance access.

Unlike passwords and PINs, you will not be able to change your own LDAC because it has to be a unique value. If you do not know your LDAC or need to change it, call the Help Center at 617-552-HELP (4357).

How do I use my LDAC?

Learn how to use your LDAC.