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Tips for Traveling Abroad with Your Mobile Phone

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Mobile Devices

When traveling abroad with your wireless phone, be aware that there may be additional costs for using services outside the United States. Charges could apply not just to calls you make when traveling internationally, but also to texting, web browsing, emailing, BC calendaring, and other internet services.

Before you leave the U.S., check with your phone service provider to see what services will be available to you internationally and how much they cost. If you need to make adjustments to your plan to cover international services, do so before you leave.


International Wireless Information from Popular Phone Services

Questions to Ask Your Service Provider

  • I am traveling to Country X and don't plan to make calls on my phone, but want to check email from time to time, how do I limit the costs?
  • I am traveling to Country X and don’t plan to make calls with my phone, but do want to use the web. What is the rate for using the web while I am abroad?
  • I won’t need my calendar while abroad. Do I need to take any steps to ensure that there will be no costs associated with my calendar running on my device when I turn it on to check email or make a call?
  • I only want to make phone calls when I am abroad, how do I ensure I do not incur any charges related to my device trying to download new email or calendar entries?


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