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Information Technology Services

About your BC Email


Getting an email account at BC

Boston College provides email services for all affiliated students, faculty, and staff (including part-time and visiting faculty and staff). These email services require a BC username and password.

New students: You will receive a letter containing your BC username and password as soon as you are formally transferred to 'student' status. If you lost or did not receive the letter containing this information, visit the Walk-In Help Desk in O'Neill 248 or contact the Help Center at or 617-552-HELP(4357).

Faculty and Staff: You will receive a letter containing your BC username and password from your department. If you lost or did not receive the letter containing this information, contact your Technology Consultant (TC):


About your BC email address

Your email address at Boston College has two forms:

"Friendly" email address

Your "friendly" address is If your full name is not unique at BC, you must use the appropriate number after your name (for example, To learn what your number is, check the Electronic Communications Directory and search for your name to find your directory record and to confirm your "friendly address."

Note: If you are the first or only person with that name, and you have a 1 after your name, you do not need to use the number 1 in the address. If another person with the same name is added to the system in the future, this new person will be assigned

"Short" email address

Your "short address" is Your "short address" is unique within Boston College. Learn more about your BC username.

Important: Boston College recommends that you keep the short version of your address private and only use it to log into your BC accounts. Give people the "friendly" version of your email address instead. If you make the short version public, your BC accounts may be somewhat more vulnerable to hackers.

Faculty and staff: Appearance of your email address and name

Your "from" and "reply to" email address and name will appear in the format and the name you are listed by in the BC Directory. Email sent to you at will still reach you without delay. You may find that you need to unsubscribe/re-subscribe to non-BC listservs to register your address correctly. Note: If you are known at BC by a different first name, you can call the Help Center (617-552-HELP) to request to have your display name and/or email address changed. (Ex: John Doe <> could change to Jack Doe <>). You can only change your first name of your email, not your last name. (To change your last name, contact HR.) This change will only affect email. Your first name in the BC directory and in HR related documents will not be affected.


About message size limits at BC

Boston College limits the size of email messages to 15MB. This includes both the text of the email message and any attachments. Please be aware that the recipient of your message may have a lower limit.

How will I know if the message is too large?

Most email applications will alert you that the message exceeds the size limit. Sometimes the message is retained in your outbox; if you can successfully send other messages, the message in your outbox may be over the size limit.

Options for sharing large attachments:

If you need to send a large document as an attachment, you can:

  1. Try compressing the file(s) first so that the size is within the limit. Learn more about file compression.
  2. Share the documents through your MyFiles@bc account. This is also the best way to forward confidential material. Learn more about sharing files through MyFiles@bc.  


Suppressing your email address from publication

You can control whether your email address is published within the Boston College community and/or to the public at large. To suppress your email address from publication:

  1. Log in to Agora Portal.
  2. Under the My Services tab, click Privacy Preferences.
    A table of current privacy settings for your account appears.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Update Privacy Preferences.
    Important: Be sure to read the information about changing your email address availability before making changes.
  4. On the Update Privacy Preferences page, make any desired changes, then submit them by entering your password and clicking Update preferences at the bottom of the page.