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Safety Issues and Notices

office of the dean of students

Safety Alerts and Community Updates

September 2013 BPD "Checkpoint" Newsletter

Rolling updates from the Boston College Police Department, the city of Boston, and the Boston Police Department, District 14, will be posted here periodically.

Social Host Liability

As a student living off campus, it is important to understand Massachusetts laws concerning alcohol use. The legal drinking age is 21. Serving or providing alcohol to underage guests or allowing them to drink alcohol in your apartment is against the law. If you furnish alcohol to guests under 21, you are subject to criminal prosecution as well as University judicial action.

Further, if you are hosting events where alcohol is served, you may be held responsible for the actions of your partygoers even after they leave your home. Massachusetts law states that hosts can be held responsible for damage caused by those to whom they served alcohol. If your house is hosting a social event, here are some tips for hosting a safe social gathering:

  • Make sure you have an appropriate amount of beverages. Having a reasonable amount of alcohol and alternatives available will help to keep your guests' intoxication levels lower and discourage uninvited guests who show up when there is an abundance of alcohol available.
  • Only let invited guests into your home. Avoid allowing large groups of students into your apartment. If the police are called to the apartment, the guests may be sent away but you will be held accountable.
  • Arrange for transportation for guests who require it, or have space available for people to stay over.
  • A web resource with more information is