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Every Bite Counts

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every bite counts students working

BC Dining is excited to support Every Bite Counts (eBC), a student volunteer group, in its efforts to donate food to over 40 nonprofits in the Greater Boston Area. eBC was started in 2005 by Associate Director of Food and Beverage, Michael Kann, and freshman at the time, Molly Murphy. Throughout the years, eBC has worked with a variety of organizations including Greater Boston Food Bank and the Veteran’s Shelter; however, their mission to combat hunger has remained the same. eBC is currently partnered with Loving Spoonfuls, a food rescue organization.

The student group separates, packages, and weighs the food Sunday to Thursday nights and then coordinates pick up time with Loving Spoonfuls which then delivers the food to homeless shelters, soup kitchens, food pantries and other community centers and programs in Boston. What started out as a simple question: “What happens to all the extra food in the university’s dining halls at the end of the night?” has now turned into an operation of over 40 students working in two of the major dining units on campus with the hopes of incorporating a third. The collaboration with BC Dining and Every Bite Counts has been a successful venture that has improved use of excess food, increased sustainability, and curbed surplus food production. “Every Bite Counts would not be possible without the effectiveness and transparency of BC Dining,” said student leader Lynn Petrella. “Boston College Dining was immediately receptive and helped myself and the other student leaders start up food recovery and eBC again on campus.” BC Dining is excited to work with eBC to take the University’s mission of “Men and Women for Others” and extend it to BC Dining Services.