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Timely Topics on Nutrition

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Eating for Energy
Highly caffeinated energy drinks have been in the news lately for their questionable safety. Luckily, there is a better way to stay awake! Read on to find out how to eat for energy, and how to safely enjoy caffeine.

Go Ahead: Make MyPlate

The old familiar food pyramid has been replaced with a new icon designed to help us make healthier food choices at each meal. ChooseMyPlate is the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) quick visual reminder on how consumers can adopt healthier eating habits meal by meal. The icon is a simple plate design based on some of the key messages in the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines that can be mirrored on our own dinner plates when trying to make healthier food choices.

Vegetarianism 101: The 'Nuts & Oats' of Plant-based Eating
Vegetarianism is 'in,' in case you were wondering. Demographic survey data reported in 1995 stated that 50% of college-aged women and 32% of college-aged men say vegetarianism is hip, cool, in. Additionally, over 12 million adult Americans consider themselves vegetarians. Trend followers aside, people have been vegetarian for centuries and for a variety of reasons. The decision to follow a vegetarian way of eating can be made for religious, cultural, ethical, health, and economic reasons, to name a few. And a healthy, balanced, plant-based diet is possible whether you choose to avoid all animal products (a vegan diet); avoid poultry, meat, and fish while still consuming eggs and dairy products (a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet); or something in between the two.

Fat Chants: Making Sense of Dietary Fat Messages
"Olive oil is good for you; use as much as you want," "fat is fattening," "fat causes disease," "a low fat diet is dangerous," "margarine or butter?". Confused about all the messages out there on dietary fat? You're not alone. For years we have been hearing messages cautioning us against high-fat eating while at the same time both the headlines and your next-door neighbor may have been telling you that fat is good. Well, they are all correct.

Fueling the Victory Lap
"Whether it's the serious athlete or the casual calisthenics cohort, fitness aficionados are always searching for that something extra to give them the competitive edge or sculpt their muscles a la Hercules"... Read on to discover how to enhance your performance no matter what your sport. A sound nutrition program just may be your ace in the hole.

Top 10 Tips to Reaching Your Nutritional Peak
"You probably already know that a low-fat, balanced diet is what experts are touting as the key to nutritional health. But, just when you think you have your diet all figured out, along comes some new, confusing study reported on the evening news and all that knowledge gets thrown into a muddle. Fear Not. Combining a low-fat diet with these Top 10 Tips to Reaching Your Nutritional Peak should clear the way as you ascend to your top form."

Dieting Do's Not Don'ts
"Too often, diets focus on denial, banning *bad* foods and being restrictive with food choices. Limiting food choices and severely underfueling your body can trigger binge eating, defeating your weight loss goals. Instead of the *Don't* attitude, adopt the *Do* philosophy..."

Hydration Habit
"Don't ignore the importance of fluids in gaining the competitive edge. Performance can be ruined, as well as health endangered, if dehydration is allowed to happen. Here are a few guidelines to help you get in the hydration habit."

All Foods Can Fit
"Healthful eating does not mean giving up the foods that you like best. With a balanced approach between food choices and physical activity, all foods can fit into a healthful eating style. Even fast-food choices at Lyons Hall can be part of a well-balanced eating plan!"

Americans Don't Drink Enough
"The body's need for water is relentless. Between two and three quarts of water per day can be used by the body for such important functions as regulating body temperature, nutrient metabolism, cushioning joints, organs and tissues."