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Residential Meal Plan Options

2014-2015 semester rates

We offer a program for all first-year students which combines a Residential Dining Plan and Dining Bucks. This is also provided to anyone living in a residence hall that does not have individual cooking facilities.  Our program is designed to allow students to purchase what they want, when they want.

Because our program is an essential part of the residential life experience at Boston College, it is required as an integral part of the Residence Hall Contract for students living in Upper Campus, Newton Campus, Walsh Hall, 66 Commonwealth Avenue, Greycliff Hall, Vanderslice Hall, 90 St. Thomas More Drive and Stayer Hall.

Certain terms and conditions governing this meal plan are stated in the Meal and Board Plan section of the Residential Life Conditions for Residency Agreement. This should be read carefully as it pertains to the Residential Meal Plan and Boston College is unable to grant exceptions to these terms and conditions.



Residential Dining Plan $ 2,328
Residential Dining Bucks $    175
Total Semester Cost $ 2,503

Residential Dining Plan

You will receive $2,328 per semester in residential dining dollars to spend at qualifying on-campus dining locations. Any remaining fall semester funds will be carried over to spring semester in the same academic year. Balances remaining at the end of the academic year will be forfeited with no exceptions.  There is no option to add additional funds to this plan; however, students may supplement it by opening an optional Eagle-One account.

Residential Dining Bucks

This account is designed to give you flexibility in buying meals other than those provided by the Residential Dining Plan. All students with a Residential Dining Plan will receive an additional $175 per semester in Residential Dining Bucks to spend at specialty dining locations and vending machines. Any balances remaining at the end of the academic year will roll over to the next academic year. Upon graduation, a 100% refund on any balance over $5 will be applied to your student account.