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Latin American Showcase

indulge in the spices of latin america


Treat yourself to the diversity of spices characterizing the Latin American cuisine. You have the opportunity to sample the cuisines from multiple countries in Central and South America on March 15th in Stuart, the 16th in Corcoran, and the 17th in McElroy.  

 The Latin American cuisine has a long history predating the arrival of Europeans. Pre-Columbian food lacked meats, instead relying on starches and naturally grown proteins. But the Central and South American foods as we know them today actually fuse the cultural favorites of the Europeans and early Americans.                                              

Each region offers a unique taste, tailoring its cuisine to the local culture. Using different seasonings, these foods vary from mild to very spicy. Holding together nearly all dishes is a starch. The two cornerstones are corn, known as maize, and potatoes.

So now that you know the history of the Latin American cuisine, it is your turn to sample the food. Start off your meal with Columbian empanadas. Spice up your main course with an Argentinean chimichurri. Finally, savor a warm churro to satisfy your desert craving.