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Kronos - BC Pay Period Close

BC Pay Period Close is a detail Genie that provides information pertaining to payroll processing. This includes exceptions, approval status, total paid hours. This is used, if necessary, to adjust an employee's timecard and to apply approval to an individual or group of employees. When a timecard is approved, the timecard is locked and the employee can not enter hours. The Manager can still perform edits to an approved time card until the HRSC has performed the Global Signoff.

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    BC Pay Period Close




BC Pay Period Close
Field Description

This is a hyperfind query tool used to identify a selected set of people. Use the pull down arrow key. This will provide a drop down list of existing queries to select certain groups of employees. This defaults to "All Home" which lists all employees within the department

To create a new query, select "Ad Hoc" and click Edit.

Time Period Use the pull down arrow key. This will provide a drop down menu of time period options to select from. This defaults to "Previous Pay Period".
Edit Allows you to create an Ad Hoc query.
Refresh Click to update information on the workspace with the most current information from the database server.


Field Description
Dept ID Lists the department ID of the employee.
Department Lists the name of the Department of the employee.
Name Lists the employee name.
Empl ID Corresponding employee ID will be displayed.
Manager Approval Displays a numeric value of '1' when approved by manager.
Missed Punch Displays a checkmark if employee has a missed punch on his timecard.
Signed Off Displays a checkmark if the timecard has been signed off by the HRSC.
Total Paid Hours Displays the total hours paid for the time period shown.