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Information for Participants

If you have questions about using your Fitbit Ultra, please contact your Team Leader and/or consult the Frequently Asked Questions section on the Fitbit website.

Learning more about your Fitbit

Many great support resources can be found online at including:

Additional support

Users can also contact support directly by using the webform at to create a support ticket. A customer support agent will respond to the inquiry via email. We do not currently provide live phone support, but we do hope to have live chat support very soon.

If the links above do not fully address your inquiry, contact Fitbit's on-line support for topics including (but not limited to):

  • Lost Fitbit units
  • Fitbit sync issues
  • Fitbit operation

Frequently Asked Questions about the Fitbit

We had a wonderful response to our Walk Across Campus Fitbit program! Thank you! Here is some information that should answer the various questions you may have, including whom to contact if you have lost your Fitbit or are having technical difficulties. We do not have replacement units on hand now and all technical questions must be directed to Fitbit for the best solution for you.

For any questions about HEALTHY YOU, including the next Walk Across Campus program, please go to


Q  How does information sync from the tracker to the website?

The tracker syncs via the base station, which must be connected to a computer that has the software installed and an internet connection. To wirelessly sync, you must be within 15 feet of the base station. Wireless syncing may take up to 15 minutes. To force a sync, mount the tracker on the base station and press the display button. Please keep in mind that you do not need to launch the Fitbit desktop software in order to sync. You can track your synced data by logging on to your Dashboard from your web browser. Simply go to

Q  Can multiple trackers sync use the same base station?

Multiple devices can coexist in the same household or office and can sync using the same base station. Each Tracker has a unique ID, so any base station will be able to sync your Tracker’s data to the Fitbit account it is associated with. Each Fitbit user does need his/her own account and associated email address, as an account can only have one Tracker linked to it at a time.    

Q  How long can a user go without syncing their Fitbit?

The tracker will store the minute-by-minute data for up to 7 days and the daily totals for up to 30 days. When traveling without a computer, the tracker can be charged using the base station with a USB wall adapter. Please keep in mind that once you have synced, your leader board ranking may not reflect all of your data until the following day.

Q  Is the Fitbit Ultra tracker waterproof?

A The Fitbit Tracker is water resistant and should hold up through normal use throughout the day. However, it is not waterproof and should not be worn in water or during activities where it might get wet. Direct exposure to moisture or sweat is likely to affect tracker performance.

Q  How do we contact Fitbit for troubleshooting or replacements? What if an employee loses or breaks the Fitbit tracker?

Any employee who needs a replacement (e.g., for a lost or broken device) should contact Fitbit support online at A Fitbit customer support agent will respond via email to the inquiry. In certain cases troubleshooting steps will be given, and in some cases the agent will provide a replacement at a fee of $75 to the BC participant if the unit is no longer under the one-year warranty. If prompted to give your proof-of-purchase information, please include this: "The purchase of my original unit was via Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan on behalf of Boston College in the Fall of 2012. This included a rollout of ~850 Fitbits by the end of November 2012. We were told to include this as proof-of-purchase information."

Q Will Fitbit continue to track my steps now that the Walk Across Campus has ended and will there be a charge or cost to me for continuing to use my Fitbit?

A The Dashboard and all other online features and tools, as well as the Android and iPhone apps that you enjoyed for free during the course of Boston College's Walk Across Campus program, will remain free! To clarify, Fitbit does offer an optional individual premium membershp for $49.95/year, which includes the trainer feature and more in-depth analysis of the activity data. However, as noted above, regular membership and access to the Dashboard, group features, etc., that were available to you during the program will continue to be offered to you for free.



Download the FAQ document for details on troubleshooting and resetting your Fitbit.