Be a Preceptor

What’s crucial to a graduate nursing student’s transition from classroom to clinic? A passionate preceptor to guide a student in learning practical skills, mastering patient interaction, and navigating new work environments.

The Connell School places a premium on finding the right match with a personalized process of pairing student with preceptor. 

The Benefits of Precepting 

Each preceptor receives a recertification credit in advanced practice through the American Nurses Credentialing Center and the National Certification Corporation. 

We thank each preceptor with one of the following: 

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For more information about precepting contact:

Janet Stout
Assistant Director of Clinical Placement

Deborah Wenstrom
Clinical Placement Specialist

All CSON preceptors also enjoy: 

  • Recognition as an Advanced Practice Clinical Preceptor
  • Access to Boston College’s libraries, museums, and cultural events, as well as CSON events such as the Pinnacle Lecture Series
  • Invitation to Preceptor Appreciation Night and other networking and research opportunities
  • Voice magazine mailed to you
  • Opportunities to give guest lectures
  • Faculty letters of reference, editing of manuscripts, and résumé reviews
I precept for the love of the job, and for the love of teaching. But I also do it to keep me on my toes.
Cynthia Tefft, M.S. ’82