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The Women's Collaborative

of boston college


The Women's Collaborative is a network of women sharing experiences and resources, career and family concerns, and a desire for a collective voice in the community. All current faculty and staff members of the Boston College community are welcome to join the Collaborative.

We meet monthly during the academic year. Lunch is often provided at the monthly meetings, during which we discuss issues of importance to women in the BC community and bring informative and energizing "BC women" to the meeting for discussions of relevant issues from nutrition to aging parents, diversity, flex time, women's safety, and more.

We strive to:

  • create a campus culture that is sensitive to issues important to women,
  • increase the visibility of women's issues and challenges,
  • develop strategies to help women advance in their careers,
  • improve female representation in underrepresented areas of the workforce, and
  • recognize the accomplishments of women on campus.
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