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About SustainBC

SustainBC was formed in Spring 2007, when a group of faculty, staff and students came together with a shared interest in creating a more sustainable Boston College, in terms of campus operations, educational mission and research areas.

Our group provides a unique interdisciplinary forum for faculty, staff and students, to share their ideas, energy, and resources to help Boston College embrace sustainability.  Our partners include individuals, representatives from student groups, staff and faculty dedicated to these issues from across campus. 

During group meetings, we:
      -   update one another on personal sustainability projects
      -   facilitate connections between members
      -   develop materials for education about sustainability
      -   plan activities and events to promote awareness about
          sustainability on campus

Anyone affiliated with Boston College is welcome to join our group.


What is our working definition of sustainability?


Sustainability is the ability to hold continuity and balance in a given system.  

Sustainability is achieved when all people on Earth can live well without compromising the quality of life for future generations.  Achieving a sustainable human society requires the simultaneous and synergistic creation of economic growth and equity, conservation of natural resources and the natural environment and sustainable social development and social justice.


What is the Role of Higher Education in working toward a Sustainable global society?


Educators for sustainability recognize the interconnectedness of the problems of social inequities, racism, exploitation of the environment and exploitation of people. 

Achieving sustainability requires maintaining integrity in the interrelationship of social justice, environmental health and economic strength.  Problems and lessons in sustainability can begin grounded within one of these spheres, with conscious consideration and movement toward each of the other two spheres.  Encompassing all disciplines in these spheres, sustainability themes must be integrated into courses across the university to develop a thorough education.