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University Strategic Planning Initiative


University President William P. Leahy, S.J., articulated his thoughts on Boston College’s University Strategic Planning Initiative:

The word ‘vision’ for me suggests a way of seeing and conceiving that is transformative, that offers realizable ideals so compelling that individuals are energized and willing to invest themselves far more effectively and extensively than they would have thought possible. A ‘vision’ captures in clear, compelling fashion the aspirations, ambitions, dreams, and goals that not only animate, inspire, and sustain an institution or organization, but also challenge, encourage, and call people to greatness. Having a vision is essential because, as the Book of Proverbs reminds, ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish.’

Embarking on a new strategic planning effort at Boston College requires attention to vision, mission, and decisions. It calls us to devote time and energy to:

1)   candid assessment of our strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities as a major university with a distinctive heritage;

2)   dialogue, analysis, and reflection, especially in the context of our history and tradition that led to our founding;

3)   the creative process, based on the conviction that people committed to strengthening our institution can develop ideas and plans that are aspirational and inspirational.