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Preliminary Themes


Based on in-depth assessments from 24 teams around the University as well as meetings of the Steering Committee and a core team of senior administrators, seven preliminary themes and principles have emerged. The USPI believes these themes represent the areas of greatest opportunity for the University to advance and strengthen its mission over the next ten years, and require more intentional focus and attention in order to best address the challenges and opportunities identified as part of the assessment process. They are:

  • The centrality of undergraduate education and our firm and unwavering commitment to the transformative power of the liberal arts, with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and on the development of analytical skills orientated towards professional preparation and vocational discernment.

  • The formation of students as fundamental to the University’s purpose, with a recognition of the need to strengthen formation opportunities for our entire community, including faculty and staff, to deepen knowledge of and commitment to BC’s mission.

  • Our continued commitment to research and scholarship that serves the common good, with a new emphasis on integrated sciences and holistic, cross-disciplinary approaches to solving complex problems.

  • A new focus on bringing intentionality and coordination to our long-standing movement toward becoming a truly global university.

  • A reaffirmation of the importance of graduate and professional education, with a renewed emphasis on ensuring we commit our resources to top-quality programs that truly serve our students and society.

  • Recognition of the importance of Boston College’s warm and welcoming culture—among students, faculty and staff—and of the need to be intentional about nurturing that culture and sense of community amid tensions in contemporary society around race, gender identity, socio-economic pressures and a polarized political environment.

  • The need to be more aggressive in leveraging BC's unique position as:
    • A residential campus which is also part of the thriving greater Boston area
    • A tight-knit community with national and global connections
    • An intellectual crossroads where faith and culture can meet in dialogue