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Working Committees

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Committees are the lifeblood of any organization.  Without them, the work simply doesn't get done.  The Association of Retired Faculty currently has 6 Committees.  They are :

Executive Committee : the elected leadership of the Association.  It includes a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Members at Large.  Contact : President Paul Spagnoli

Nominating Committee :  a pro tem group of three members appointed by the president in consultation with the Executive Committee to prepare the ballot and implement the annual elections.  A member of the prior year’s Committee is asked to serve again and to chair this Committee.  Contact : Jean O'Neil


Space Committee : a continuing group of members who select furnishings, supervise a transition in location, and maintain oversight of the use and maintenance of headquarters.  Contact : Rosemary Krawczyk


Communications Committee :  the Executive Committee is progressing from land mailed newsletter and monthly meeting announcements that have offered the yearly calendar, photos and member news to on-lline communications. The goal is for members to maintain and update announcements, activities, member news and information of interest to retired faculty including an on-line newsletter. Newsletter Contact : Dennis Taylor Website Contact: Peter Olivieri


Budget Committee : a new group of three members chaired by the treasurer who prepare a budget for the next year and evaluate ongoing financial needs of the association.  Contact : Charles Landraitis


Weston Jesuit Community Visiting Committee : Vince Nuccio, a long time visitor, and our Jesuit community liaison lead members who wish to provide social interaction with retired or convalescent Jesuits residing in Weston on general meeting days after the program. Contact : Fr. Joseph Duffy