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Working Committees

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Committees are the lifeblood of any organization.  Without them, the work simply doesn't get done.  The Association of Retired Faculty currently has 5 Committees.  They are :

Executive Committee : the elected leadership of the Association.  It includes a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Members at Large.  Contact : President Paul Spagnoli

Nominating Committee :  a pro tem group of three members appointed by the president in consultation with the Executive Committee to prepare the ballot and implement the annual elections.  Contact :


Banquet Committee : a group which organizes the Association's annual banquet at the end of the academic year.  Contact : Loretta Higgins


Communications Committee :  the Executive Committee is progressing from land mailed newsletter and monthly meeting announcements that have offered the yearly calendar, photos and member news to on-lline communications. The goal is for members to maintain and update announcements, activities, member news and information of interest to retired faculty including an on-line newsletter. Newsletter Contact : Paul Spagnoli Website Contact: Peter Olivieri


Grants Committee : a group which evaluates and makes decisions on BCARF research grant proposals.  Contact : Dennis Taylor