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Planning BC Retirement: Top 10 Tips

prepared by current association members

In no particular order:

1.  Begin sorting through books and files at least a year in advance of retirement.  Be prepared to go through them 4 or 5 times before you get them down to the ones that you REALLY want to keep.

2.  Contact the Human Resources Department  six months before retirement.  You will get an excellent, thorough, and absolutely critical briefing.

3.  Have an employment attorney look at your retirement agreement to make sure that you are getting all to which the law entitles you.

4.  If you wish to teach part-time, make arrangements with your department during the year before you retire.

5.  Seek out colleagues in the Retired Faculty Association for advice and counsel.

6.  Make an appointment with your Dean and Department Chair, and contact the Benefits Office.

7.  Contact the Social Security Administration and begin the process of applying for benefits.

8.  Investigate your Medicare/Medicaid options.

9.  Consider changes in insurance coverage:  Life, Auto, Home, and Long-Term Care.

10.  Contact your retirement plan advisor (TIAA, Fidelity etc.) to determine strategies for disbursement of funds and handling taxes.

11.  Commit to playing an active role in the Boston College Association of Retired Faculty.



  If you have additional suggestions that you feel might be of help to your colleagues, please email them to the Web Manager.