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Planning Retirement in General: Top 10 Tips

prepared by current association members

In no particular order:

1.  Arrange space at home for all the books and files you will be bringing home.

2.  List all the household tasks that you have been deferring for 40 years.  You may find they might become a full-time job or may require outside assistance.

3.  Plan to do some physically demanding tasks while you are still young.

4.  Make a budget and then record ALL of your expenditures for a year or two.

5.  Visit with a certified financial planner.  You will likely find out that you have overlooked an item or two, or three.

6. Ask yourself what you will enjoy doing: more time with family, research and writing, part-time teaching ...

7.  Audit a course at BC.

8.  Consider getting involved in a local "Health and Wellness" program.

9.  Volunteer for BC or community service.

10.  Consider mentoring a student.

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