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Retirement Planning

Plan ahead for this important transition.

This section of the website contains links of interest to faculty who have retired or are about to retire.

Click on any of the links below, or use the links listed to the left in the navigation column.

Retirement Planning Handbook

The Boston College Guide for Faculty Retirement, from BCARF, can be found by clicking here.  (Revised September, 2017)

Planning BC Retirement : Top 10+ Tips

Many faculty have already gone through the process of planning their retirement.

Click here for a list of some of their suggestions and tips for making it a successful transition.

Planning Retirement in general : Top 10+ tips

Once you have made the necessary preparations with BC for planning your retirement, you may be asking yourself "what else can I do to make sure that I have considered all the aspects involved in retirement planning"?

Click here to see some suggestions from your colleagues.



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