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Activities and Events


This section contains links to pages that describe activities and events that are available to retired faculty throughout the year.

To get more information, click on any of the links below (or select one of the links in the navigation column to the left).

2018-2019 Calendar

Program Meetings

Research Seminars

Retired Faculty Book Club

Alumni Association Travel

BCARF expects to move to new quarters at 300 Hammond Pond Parkway for the fall of 2018, but the precise date of the move is not yet clear.  Watch this space (and your email) for updates, but the following information will be accurate until at least September 25th.

Parking for Program Meetings, STM Library Auditorium:  Entering the Brighton campus from Lake Street, proceed to the parking lot over the hill behind Simboli Hall, the School of Theology and Ministry.

Entering the Brighton campus from Commonwealth Avenue, the same parking lot is on the left, just past the Cadigan Alumni Center. At the north end of the parking lot is the STM Library Auditorium where the BCARF Program Meetings are held. Entrance to the Library Auditorium is on the ground level.

Parking for activities in St. Clement’s Hall:

There is parking for half a dozen cars without BC stickers, and with a ninety-minute limit, in the semicircular driveway in front of the north wing of St. Clement’s.   For cars with BC stickers, there is parking available in the two lots north of St. Clement’s off Foster St. 

If you do not have a BC sticker, you may park in either of those locations, but to avoid parking tickets it is best to leave a note on your windshield indicating that you are retired BC faculty, attending a BCARF function or using the BC Association of Retired Faculty office, St. Clement’s 425S.

Unless you have an A or M sticker, do not park in the lot directly in front of the south wing of St. Clement’s.  The parking restriction in this lot is rigorously enforced.

BCARF Parking
Retired Faculty Parking Guide for St. Clement's Hall