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ahana-related articles from the archives of boston college magazine

“Maroon and gold and blacks: New programs help black students find a place at BC,” by Dana Narramore. Boston College Magazine, Fall 1983 (pdf)

“Being Here: A black student’s experience of Boston College,” by Johanne Lochard ’92. Boston College Magazine, Spring 1991 (pdf)

“Brothers: Nine years ago, sophomore Martin Peirre created a character-building club for black men on campus. The members of the Talented Tenth have all graduated, but their love and commitment remain,” by Bruce Morgan. Boston College Magazine, Fall 1995 (pdf)

“Basic Training: Each summer a BC program gives 40 disadvantaged students the chance to prove they can handle freshman year. It’s hard. It works,” by Anna Marie Murphy. Boston College Magazine, Spring 2000 (pdf)

“Power of the People: An oral history of the Black Talent program,” by Wiliam Bole. Boston College Magazine, Spring 2009