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opeil laboratory

Invited Talks

2011 Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM, Keynote Address: Annual LANL Post-Doc Research Review, Topic: Impact of Post-Doc Experience on a Jesuit-Priest- Physicist (16 June 2011).

2010 University of Vermont, Burlington VT, Topic: Ferromagnetic order found at 298 K in (Sn0.995Cr0.005)Te and is SnTe metallic? (27 November 2010).

2010 CalCon - The 65th Calorimetry Conference (July 17-23, 2010) Colorado Springs, CO, Topic: Ferromagnetic order at 298 K in Cr0.005Sn0.995Te (22 July 2010).

2008 Occidental College, Pasedena, CA, Topic: When a Good Martensite Metal Goes Bad (19 November 2008).

2008 Symposium on Correlated Electron Physics, Santa Fe, NM, Topic: Heavy Fermion and Antiferromagnetic Crossover Behaviors (27 August 2008).

2008 APS March Meeting, New Orleans, LA

2007 Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA, Topic: Magneto-Striction and Charge Density Wave Behavior at the Pre-Martensite Transition in Ni2MnGa (26 October 2007). 

2007 CalCon - The 62nd Calorimetry Conference (August 4 - 9, 2007) Honolulu, HI, Topic: Calorimetry of Ferromagnetic Heuslers in High Magnetic Fields: Observation of a Pseudo-gap in Ni2MnGa, 06 August 2007.

2007 APS March Meeting, Denver, CO

2006 University of Barcelona, Spain, Topic: ARPES on U and the Pseudogap in Ni2MnGa, 03 June 2006. 

2006 APS March Meeting, Baltimore, MD 

2006 Georgetown University Science Lecture Series, Topic: LEED, ARPES and WIEN2K Band Structure Calculation of a - Uranium (001) 31 January 2006, Georgetown University, Reiss Science Building.

2005 LANL Workshop on Correlated Electron Effects for Anomalous Properties of Elemental Actinides (May 23-25, 2005) Los Alamos, NM Topic: ARPES on Single Crystal Uranium and Other New Results (Workshop Organizers:  K. B. Blagoev, B. Mihaila, C.P. Opeil & J. L. Smith)

2004 CalCon - The 59th Calorimetry Conference (June 27 - July 1, 2004) Santa Fe, NM, Topic:  Specific Heat, Antiferromagnetism and Quantum Critical Behavior in U(Pt1-xPdx)3


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