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Bibliography: Ignatius and the Catholic Reformation
Compiled by Fr. William Harmless, S.J., with special emphasis for books in the collection of Byrne Library, Spring Hill College.
1911 Catholic Encyclopedia Article: "Ratio Studiorum"
Offers a concise definition of "Ratio Studiorum" with a brief survey of its history.
History of the Jesuits
Brief history of the Jesuits from the University of Scranton web site.
Famous Jesuit Alumni
Some well-known Jesuit alumni listed by field.
Mark Sullivan, "BC Observes 400th Year of Jesuits' Ratio Studiorum"
Ratio Studiorum exhibit announcement. Boston College observed the 400th anniversary of the Ratio Studiorum with a major Jesuitana exhibition at the John J. Burns Library.
St. Ignatius, The Founder
A Brief Biography of St. Ignatius of Loyola.
Spiritual Exercises full text document - overview of its significance
Jesuit Scientists and the Jesuit Tradition
Celebrate some of the Jesuit mathematicians and scientists who embody the Jesuit tradition of scholarship, dedication, and service.
Jesuits USA
Homepage of Jesuits of the U.S.  

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