Using the Manuscript Reader

The manuscript reader offers both images of the manuscript pages (in JPEG format) as well as the text of the transcription (in PDF format).

Viewing the page image and transcription simultaneously

You can view the image of a page and its transcription simultaneously.

  1. Controls for View modes

    Notice the View mode icons in the upper right of the reader interface. Click the Parallel Windows icon. The content pane will split into smaller content panes, each showing a copy of the scanned page image.

  2. Controls for View options

    Notice the View options icons in the upper left of each content pane. In the pane where you wish to read the transcript, click the PDF icon.

  3. Controls for View options

    To change back to the default single-paned view, select click the icon for the Single Window View mode.

Viewing the entire transcript

A single PDF of the entire transcription is available.

  1. Controls for Current View

    Select Transcription only(pdf) from the Current view menu.

  2. To return to the default view, select the Read Online(mixed) from the Current view menu.