About the Project

Hanvey's 35mm and 60mm film photographic negatives and positives at the John J. Burns Library are scanned with a Nikon Super CoolScan 9000 film scanner, using Nikon Scan 4.0 software. Each image is scanned at a resolution of 3000 ppi as uncompressed TIFF images in order to capture all of the image information on the film. From these master TIFF files, we generate both JPEG and JPEG2000 derivative images for Boston College's online digital repository.

Project Team

AnneMarie Anderson, Graduate Research Assistant, Burns Library
Frances Bates, Conservation Specialist, O'Neill Library
Amy Braitsch, Assistant Archivist, Burns Library
Sadie Centola, Web Designer, O'Neill Library
Meg Critch, Metadata Librarian, O'Neill Library
Kathryn Doan, Metadata and Systems Librarian, O'Neill Library
Bill Donovan, Digital Imaging Librarian, O'Neill Library
Bob Gerrity, Associate University Librarian for Library Systems
Leslie Homzie, Senior Reference Librarian, O'Neill Library
David Horn, Head Librarian, Archives & Manuscripts, Burns Library
Katherine Kellett, Graduate Research Assistant, Burns Library
Betsy McKelvey, Digital Collections Librarian, O'Neill Library
Brian Meuse, Digital Collections Systems Analyst, O'Neill Library
Bob O'Neill, Burns Librarian, Burns Library
Enrico Pagliarulo, Interim Digitization Specialist, O'Neill Library
Brendan Rapple, Collection Services Librarian, O'Neill Library
Kelly Webster, Head of Metadata Services, O'Neill Library
Kathy Williams, Manager, Circulation Services, O'Neill Library