Charlotte, N.C.: Main Street Rag, 2010.

Andrew Sofer, Associate Professor, English Department

Andrew Sofer has won numerous poetry awards, including Southwest Review's Morton Marr Prize; Atlanta Review's International Publication Award; First Prize in the Iambs & Trochees Contest; and New England Poetry Club's Gretchen Warren Award. Wave, his first book of poems, was named a finalist for the Morse Prize, the Donald Justice Award, and the New Criterion Prize. It has garnered extremely positive critical acclaim. For example, distinguished poet Rosanna Warren writes:

Andrew Sofer is a poet of wanton heed and giddy cunning, capable of breezy rhymes and puns, but also of directness and vigor. These poems are reconnaissance missions into the private past of the speaker. Their graceful formalities refine autobiographical slag back into significant shapes of experience re-imagined, re-felt, re-found. In wit, in swift and fluent narrative, and in variations on conventional imagery, this poet makes an emotionally believable world.

Andrew grew up in Cambridge, England, and, after boarding school, studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Boston University, and the University of Michigan. He has acted and directed widely, and his writings on theatre include the acclaimed book The Stage Life of Props.