Blue Mustang Press, 2012.

Dr. Michael C. Keith, Communication Department

Dr. Keith is the author of over 20 books on electronic media, as well as a memoir and three books of fiction. He is the recipient of numerous awards, among them the International Radio Television Society's Stanton Fellow Award, the Broadcast Education Association's Distinguished Scholar Award, and the University of Rhode Island's Achievement Award in the Humanities.

Dr. Keith's latest book is a collection of shorts stories entitled Of Night and Light. This book collects more than 40 short stories covering all manner of speculative fiction, humor, and even a bit of romance. As the title notes, there are both light and dark themes within the book, though the author readily admits he leans a bit darker at times.

The subject matter in each of the stories is diverse. A student creates a wave gun to avenge his father's death; a GPS leads a man down the road to an unpleasant past; a boy makes tar bubbles to rescue his drowning mother; a destructive act against an ageless light bulb causes global disaster; a life altering gift from aliens goes terribly awry; a contaminated lake protects and transforms a family; and a horticulturist inadvertently grows something monstrous. It is a strange world that Keith's book visits ... and the stories are very comfortable there.

Of Night and Light: Stories