This exhibit pays tribute to the man behind "The Dean's List" and his passion for reading. Included here are many of the books that have graced the list over the years; six of Fr. Neenan's favorites are highlighted along with their opening passages, in hopes they may capture your imagination and compel you to read further. In a time when technology sometimes overwhelms us, the Library and Fr. William Neenan urge you to take time to sit down with a good book, maybe one of these suggestions, and rediscover the simple act of reading for pleasure.

Neenan among books"The Dean's List"
About the tradition's inception and continuance.

Video of Fr. NeenanSilver Celebration at the Library Real Player Required
A video of Fr. Neenan speaking at the Library celebration.

Kristin Lavransdatter - One of Neenan's favorite booksA Few of His Favorite Books
Fr. Neenan's comments on a selection of the books.

Neenan among books2007-08 Dean's List
Includes links to the Library Catalog, check a book out today!


The O'Neill Library exhibit is on display through June 2008


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