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John Marshall Graduate Fellowships

the john marshall project

The United States Supreme Court Building
The United States Supreme Court Building

Two fellowships are awarded to members of the Doctoral Program whose studies are devoted to the history of political philosophy, American Politics, or Comparative Politics, with special attention to principles and challenges of constitutional government and democratic leadership.

Boston College’s strong roster of faculty in the history of political philosophy, along with our close collaborative relations with our colleagues in other political science fields, has for many years enabled us to sustain a superior doctoral program devoted to an understanding of the Western political tradition and its challenges. Graduates of our doctoral program now serve on the faculty of such institutions as Notre Dame, the University of Texas/Austin, the University of Houston, the University of Dallas, The Saint Johns Colleges, Thomas Aquinas College, and others. Our most recent graduates currently hold Post-Doctoral Fellowships at such institutions as Harvard University, the University of Virginia, and the University of Texas.

The fellowships provide an annual stipend plus additional funding for summer language studies and research. Summer funding is intended to facilitate timely completion of their studies.

Instructions for applying to the fellowship will be made available at a later date.