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Institutional Master Plan -- Zoning Commission Submission - 3/19/09

File Index

Cover (PDF, 100KB)

Table of Contents (PDF, 200KB)

Executive Summary (PDF, 330KB)

Chapter 1: Mission and Objectives (PDF, 300KB)

Chapter 2: Existing Property Uses (PDF, 130KB)

Chapter 3: Campus Demographics and Employment (PDF, 130KB)

Chapter 4: Planning Framework (PDF, 360KB)

Chapter 5: Proposed Institutional Projects (PDF, 170KB)

Chapter 6: Student Housing Plan (PDF, 330KB)

Chapter 7: Athletic Facilities (PDF, 220KB)

Chapter 8: Utilities and Infrastructure (PDF, 170KB)

Chapter 9: Transportation and Parking (PDF, 480KB)

Chapter 10: Environmental Sustainability (PDF, 530KB)

Chapter 11: Historic and Archaeological Resources (PDF, 470KB)

Chapter 12: Economic Development (PDF, 640KB)

Chapter 13: Community Benefits and Service Programs (PDF, 670KB)

Appendix A: 2008 Housing Impact Study (PDF, 200KB)

Appendix B: BRA Scoping Determination (PDF, 220KB)

Appendix C: Transportation Appendix (PDF, 4.8MB)

Appendix D: Part A - Response to Comments (PDF, 3.5MB)

Appendix D: Part B - Comment Letters.pdf (PDF, 29MB)