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Campus Vision Foundations

Analysis of the existing Boston College campus revealed three guiding foundations:

  1. The power and beauty of the Middle Campus will stand as an iconic guide to development.
  2. A pedestrian environment will pervade the plant from the Upper Campus to the Brighton Campus.
  3. Areas for development will be identified with respect for existing open spaces and neighboring uses.

Through a year-long process involving both the campus and neighboring communities, several principles were developed to guide the master plan:

  1. Create a unified and contiguous residential and academic core campus.
  2. Develop cohesive residential villages by class.
  3. Reinforce our mission by bringing together academic, social, and spiritual pursuits.
  4. Strengthen movement systems on campus by creating a better pedestrian environment and creating clear peripheral vehicular circulation and parking.
  5. Extend the landscape quality of defined open spaces found on the historic Middle Campus, and expand this through a system of “linked quadrangles” to the new Brighton Campus.
  6. Respect the surrounding character of the neighborhoods by directing density closest to the core campus.
  7. Locate academic uses on the campus proximately to enable faculty collaboration.
  8. Strengthen environmental stewardship and enhance the University’s leadership in sustainability through a decision-making process that is guided by consideration for ecological consequences.