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Moderators and Directors

fulton debating society

Over the years the Fulton Debating Society has had a long-tradition of distinguished Jesuit and faculty leadership. From 1890 until 1955, a Jesuit scholastic was responsible for the Society and was referred to as the "Moderator of the Society." Beginning in 1955, lay members of the faculty have served as "Director of Debate" and have been responsible for overseeing the activities of the Society. The following list identifies all individuals serving as Moderator or Director of Debate since the Society was founded in 1890:

 Years Served  Name
1994 to present Mr. John P. Katsulas
1985-1994 Dr. Dale A. Herbeck
1984-1985 Mr. Richard Mercandante
1982-1984 Ms. Joyce Lindmark
1970-1982 Mr. Daniel M. Rohrer
1968-1970 Mr. Robert M. Shrum
1960-1968 Dr. John Henry Lawton
1955-1960 Dr. John L. Mahoney
1950-1955 Rev. Paul J. McManus, S.J.
1947-1950 Rev. James F. Geary, S.J.
1946-1947 Rev. Richard G. Shea, S.J.
1945-1946 Rev. Paul S. McNulty, S.J.
1944-1945 Rev. Ernest B. Foley, S.J.
1943-1944 Rev. James L. Burke, S.J.
1941-1943 Rev. Richard G. Shea, S.J.
Rev. John D. Donoghue, S.J.
1940-1941 Rev. Richard G. Shea, S.J.
Rev. Frederick Moriarty, S.J.
1939-1940 Rev. John A. O'Brien, S.J.
1937-1939 Rev. James D. Sullivan, S.J.
1936-1937 Rev. William J. Power, S.J.
1935-1936 Rev. Leo P. O'Keefe, S.J.
Rev. Michael G. Pierce, S.J.
1934-1935 Rev. Leo P. O'Keefe, S.J.
Rev. Henry Gately, S.J.
1933-1934 Rev. Joseph A. Devenny, S.J.
Rev. Paul R. Power, S.J.
1931-1933 Rev. Ernest B. Foley, S.J.
1929-1931 Rev. William J. Kenealy, S.J.
1928-1929 Rev. William FitzGerald, S.J.
1926-1928 Rev. Walter McGuinn, S.J.
1925-1926 Rev. Martin P. Harney, S.J.
1924-1925 Rev. Stephen Koen, S.J.
1923-1924 Rev. Cornelius Bulman, S.J.
1922-1923 Rev. Joseph P. Kelly, S.J.
1920-1922 Rev. Ignatius W. Cox, S.J.
1918-1920 Rev. John P. Meagher, S.J.
1917-1918 Rev. Paul A. McNally, S.J.
1916-1917 Rev. Thomas H. Miley, S.J.
1915-1916 Rev. Allen F. Duggin, S.J.
1914-1915 Rev. Ignatius W. Cox, S.J.
1913-1914 Rev. Joseph S. Hogan, S.J.
1912-1913 Rev. John P. Meagher, S.J.
1910-1912 Rev. Arthur J. McCaffray, S.J.
1909-1910 Rev. Redmond J. Walsh, S.J.
1908-1909 Rev. Charles W. Lyons, S.J.
1906-1907 Rev. P. J. Cormican, S.J.
1904-1905 Rev. Michael J. Ahern, S.J.
1903-1904 Rev. Edward F. Roche, S.J.
1902-1903 Rev. Edmund J. Burke, S.J.
1898-1901 Rev. Thomas J. Barrett, S.J.
1897-1898 Rev. Francis P. Donnelly, S.J.
1893-1896 Rev. Daniel J. Quinn, S.J.
1890-1893 Rev. A. J. Mullan, S.J.