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Marquette Debate Society

fulton debating society

The Marquette Debating Society was founded in September of 1902 by Father Redmond J. Walsh, S. J. to afford debating opportunities for freshmen and sophomores who were excluded from the Fulton Debating Society.  At that time, participation in the Fulton was limited to the best fifty students from the junior and senior classes.

Like the Fulton, the Marquette Society was overseen by a moderator (almost always a Jesuit), elected its own officers, and held its own prize debate.

The officers of the Marquette were elected bi-annually.  One interesting feature of the Marquette is that during its first six years, the Marquette elected a leader of the minority instead of a vice president.

The first Marquette Prize Debate topic in 1903 was, “Resolved: That the Immigration Laws by further social and intellectual requirements should be made more stringent.”  The topics selected for the Marquette Prize Debate dealt with the leading controversies of the period.

Beginning in 1908, the Marquette Prize Debate winners were awarded a gold medal called the Marquette Prize Medal.  For the next fifteen years, the meal was donated by different individuals and organizations. In 1914, the medal was donated by Joseph Lannin, the President of the Boston Red Sox.

In 1924, the Marquette Prize Medal was re-named the Gargan medal when Helena N. Gargan established a permanent trust fund to support the awarding of a gold medal to the winner of the Marquette Prize Debate.  The Gargan medal was donated in memory of her deceased husband, Thomas J. Gargan who was a prominent Boston attorney.  At some point, the composition of the Gargan medal changed from gold to silver. It is unclear when this change occurred.

All the winners of the Marquette Prize debate are listed under the Gargan Medal winners on the Fulton Debate history page.

Many members of the Marquette continued their debate careers as members of the Fulton Debating Society.  So, the history of the Marquette is an integral part of the Fulton Debating Society’s own history.

Marquette Prize Debate Resolutions, 1903-1958

1958: resolution unkown

1957: resolution unknown

1956: “Resolved: Should Capital Punishment be abolished in Massachusetts?”

1955: "Resolved: That eighteen-year-olds should be allowed to vote."

1954: “"Resolved: That the U.S. should adopt a policy of Free Trade." 

1953:   Resolution unknown

1952:  “Resolved:  That President Truman's seizure of the steel mills was in the best interests of the United States.”

1951:   “Resolved: That deferments for college students are undemocratic.”

1950: "Resolved: That the U. S. Government should nationalize the basic non-agricultural Industries."

1949: “Resolved: That the Federal Government should adopt a policy for equalizing educational opportunity in tax supported schools by means of annual grants.”

1948:  “Resolved: That universal military training should be established.”

1947: "Resolved: That the National Health Plan (Wagner-Murray-Dingle Bill) should be adopted."

1946:  “Resolved: That Boston College should grant a Bachelor of Arts degree to students who have not taken Latin.” (note: joint Fulton-Marquette Prize debate)

1945: no debate (World War II)

1944: no debate (World War II)

1943: "Resolved: That the United Nations should establish a permanent Federal Union to insure world peace."

1942:  “Resolved: That the United States should adopt a permanent policy of one year's compulsory military training.”

1941:  Resolution unknown

1940: “Resolved:  That the foreign policy of President Roosevelt is for the best interests of the people of the United States.”

1939: "Resolved: The government should cease to use public funds for the purpose of stimulating business."

1938:  "Resolved:  That the National Labor Relations Board be empowered to enforce arbitration in all industrial disputes."

1937:   “Resolved:  That the president's proposal regarding the Supreme Court, embodied in the suggested bill of Feb. 5, be adopted."

1936:  "Resolved:  That Germany deserves no censure for her military occupation of the Rhineland."

1935:  “Resolved: That the Federal Government should own and control the natural resource oil.”

1934: “Resolved:  That the essential features of the N.R.A. should be permanently adopted."

1933:  "Resolved: That the United States should recognize Soviet Russia," 

1932: “"Resolved: That the several states, acting independently, adopt systems of compulsory unemployment insurance." 

1931:  “Resolved: That the Beale Plan for Metropolitan Boston be adopted.”

1930:  resolution unknown

1929: “Resolved:  That the United States should take the first step toward World Disarmament.”

1928: "Resolved: That the United States Government should immediately withdraw the Marines from Nicaragua."

1927: “Resolved:  That Congress be empowered by a two thirds vote to overrule decisions of the Supreme Court declaring Federal legislation unconstitutional.”

1926: “Resolved:  That the Federal Government should own and operate the anthracite and bituminous coal mines in the United States."

1925:  "Resolved:  That Capital Punishment under the present conditions should be abolished.''

1924: “Resolved, "That the Johnson Immigration Bill should replace the present Immigration Law of the United States." 

1923: "Resolved: That a State University should be established in Massachusetts."

1922:  "Resolved: That the United States should recognize the Soviet Government of Russia.”

1921:  "Resolved: That the immigration of the Japanese to the United States should be prohibited."

1920:   "Resolved: That the Initiative and Referendum be established for national affairs in the United States."

1919:  Resolved: That the State should establish a court of compulsory arbitration for industrial disputes.”

1918: ‘‘Resolved: That Prohibition as set forth in the national amendment is a necessary, effective and lawful measure.”

1917:  "Resolved: That Massachusetts should adopt a system of compulsory health insurance."

1916:  “"Resolved: That it is in the best interest of the Country that the militia of the different states be federalized.”

1915:   "Resolved:  That the adoption of a Federal law, forbidding the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquor, except for medicinal, sacrificial and scientific purposes, would be for the best interests of the United States.”

1914:   “Resolved:  That all American vessels engaged in coastwise traffic should be exempt from payment of tolls in passing through the Panama Canal.’’ 

1913:  “Resolved: "That under present conditions the welfare of the United States demands from all immigrants the fulfillment of an illiteracy test." 

1912:   “Resolved: That all Corporations engaged in Interstate Commerce should be required to incorporate under a Federal Charter.”

1911:   "Resolved: That the Initiative and Referendum as proposed in the Arizona constitution be adopted in Massachusetts."

1910:   “Resolved:  That the municipal ownership of all theatres would be for the best interests of all the people."

1905:  “Resolved: That literacy as defined by the Lodge Bill should not be a test for immigrants.”

1903: “Resolved: That the Immigration Laws by further social and intellectual requirements should be made more stringent.”

Marquette Debate Society Officers, 1902-1958

                       Presidents                            Vice-President

Fall 1957          Brian Moran                          John R. McNealy

Spring 1958     John R. McNealy                   Charles O'Malley

Fall 1956         James J. Delaney                    Thomas Tanous

Spring 1957     Thomas Tanous                      Brian Moran

Fall 1955         David S. Nelson                      unknown

Spring 1956     John J. Flynn                          James J. Delaney

Fall 1954         Edward J. Thomas                  unknown

Spring 1955     John L. Darcy                         unknown

Fall 1953         Francis J. Doherty                  unknown                                                        

Spring 1954     William Gannon                      Brian E. Concannon               

Fall 1952         Joseph F. Leonard                  James E. Martin

Spring 1953     Joseph F. Leonard                  unknown

Fall 1951         George Parsons                       John Curtin

Spring 1952     George Parsons                       John Curtin

Fall 1950         Lorenzo Pinard                       John McLellan

Spring 1951     John McLellan                        Al Higham

Fall 1949         Henry M.  Tyszkowski              William F. Falvey

Spring 1950     John  J. Buckley                     Joseph Gillis

Fall 1948         William J. Dooley                    Daniel E. Callanan

Spring 1949     Daniel E. Callanan                   John J. Svagzdys

Fall 1947         Edward L. Fogarty                  John P. McGonagle

Spring 1948     Edward L. Fogarty                  John P. McGonagle

Fall 1946         John D. Nicholson                  James J. Moran

Spring 1947      James Whelton                       William J. Murphy

Fall 1945         operated jointly with Fulton Debate

Spring 1946     operated jointly with Fulton Debate

Fall 1944         operated jointly with Fulton Debate

Spring 1945     operated jointly with Fulton Debate

Fall 1943         Daniel F. Leary                       Thomas Walsh

Spring 1944     John J. Burke                         J. Norman Barrett

Fall 1942         Philip Willett                          John Moriarty                       

Spring 1943     Edmund Flaherty                    Ronald Dunphy                     

Fall 1941         Robert Lee                              Donald White

Spring 1942     James F. O’Donnell                James Cotter

Fall 1940         Joseph Timpany                     John Battles 

Spring 1941     Robert W. Galligan                 Robert F. Halligan

Fall 1939         Robert F. Muse                      John J. Phelan

Spring 1940     John J. Phelan                         Martin Hansberry

Fall 1938         Walter J. Clear                        Luke A. Farley

Spring 1939     Luke A. Farley                        Thomas J. Galligan    

Fall 1937         Paul L. Greeley                       Joseph Driscoll

Spring 1938     Edward M. Greeley                Joseph Driscoll

Fall 1936         Francis E. Sullivan                  William Clifford

Spring 1937     John F. X. Gaquin                  Charles P. O'Riordan

Fall 1935         Francis E. Sullivan                  William J. Clifford

Spring 1936     Paul L. Shultz                         Richard M. Stanton

Fall 1934         John F. Donelan                      John J. Coughlin

Spring 1935     Daniel H. Hannigan                 John E. Keary

Fall 1933         Laurence J. Riley                    Henry G. Beauregard

Spring 1934     Laurence J. Riley                    Edward I. Fitzmaurice

Fall 1932         John J. Murphy                      Gabriel J. Ryan

Spring 1933     Raymond L. Belliveau            William J. Landrey

Fall 1931         Daniel N. Dwyer                    Albert Rooney

Spring 1932     John Cline                               James Fay

Fall 1930         Charles F. Donovan                Joseph G. Brennan

Spring 1931     James M. Connolly                Charles L. Quinn

Fall 1929         Peter C. Quinn                                    Joseph F. Rogers

Spring 1930     Thomas F. Quinn                    John E. Reilly            

Fall 1928         John J. Wright                         Joseph A. Burke

Spring 1929     Richard H. Fitzpatrick                        Edmund K. Cheney

Fall 1927         Edward A. Hogan                   James B. Murphy 

Spring 1928     William A. Ward                     Robert T. Hughes

Fall 1926         Henry M. Leen                       Leo P. O’Keefe

Spring 1927     Leo P. O’Keefe                       James J. McManus

Fall 1925         Joseph F. Donoghue               John E. Kenney

Spring 1926     Francis W. Phelan                   Neal T. Scanlon          

Fall 1924         Francis X. Sullivan                  Francis I. Murphy

Spring 1925     Francis I. Murphy                  Timothy Lyons

Fall 1923         Javier E. Molina                      Walter R. Morris

Spring 1924     Richard H. Vahey                   Walter T. McCracken

Fall 1922         Joseph M. Gavan                   Victor C. Carr 

Spring 1923     Joseph M. Gavan                   Victor C. Carr 

Fall 1921         Charles A. Riordan                 John J. Murphy

Spring 1922     John J. Murphy                      James P. Aikens

Fall 1920         Joseph A. Comber                  Joseph G. Crane

Spring 1921     Gaynor R. Wellings                Paul J. Wenners

Fall 1919         Henry E. Foley                       Charles A. Tucker

Spring 1920     Francis E. Magennis               James A. Ryan           

Fall 1918         Eugene J. Sullivan                   William F. Fitzgerald

Spring 1919     Eugene J. Sullivan                   Joseph D. Pate

Fall 1917         Richard S. McShane                Thomas F. McNamara 

Spring 1918     Thomas F. McNamara            John J. Clifford                                  

Fall 1916         Joseph F. Mulligan                 Thomas H. Bresnahan                                   

Spring 1917     William F. Pashby                  John J. Lane

Fall 1915         Warren J. Clear                       Francis P. Frazier

Spring 1916     John V. Murray                      Daniel J. Harkins

Fall 1914         John J. Connolly                     Joseph A. Quigley                 

Spring 1915     William E. Kerrigan                 Martin A. Hines

Fall 1913         Jeremiah A. Sullivan               Andrew A. Ramisch

Spring 1914     Frederick J. Gillis                              Joseph A. Quigley

Fall 1912         Edward S. Farmer                   Frederick W. Wennerberg

Spring 1913     John X. McCabe                     Jeremiah W. Sullivan              

Fall 1911         Robert P. Barry                      Edward A. Sullivan

Spring 1912     Edward A. Sullivan                 Edward A. McLaughlin

Fall 1910         J. Vincent Hickey                   Joseph F. Moloney               

Spring 1911     John B. Casey                         Robert P. Barry         

Fall 1909         Henry A. Sullivan                   Matthew C. Duggan

Spring 1910     U. Raymond Lynch                George F. Fitzergald

Fall 1908         John T. McGrory                   Aloysius R. Finn

Spring 1909     Francis E. Low                        Henry A. Sullivan

Fall 1907         Stephen Chamberlin                Louis F. Kelleher (leader of the minority)

Spring 1908     unknown                                 unknown                                

Fall 1906         Bernard S. O'Kane                  Michael J. Houlihan (leader of minority)

Spring 1907     Francis M. Connell                 Stephen Chamberlain (leader of the minority)

Fall 1905         Edward D. O’Bryan               John M. Shea (leader of minority)

Spring 1906     Charles Rose                           Gerald Shaughnessy (leader of minority)

Fall 1904         unknown                                 unknown

Spring 1905     unknown                                 unknown

Fall 1903         Joseph A. Murphy                 J. Ignatius Coveney (leader of minority)

Spring 1904     unknown                                 unknown

Fall 1902          Charles T. Daly ‘05               Edward J. Campbell (leader of minority)

Spring 1903     Edward J. Campbell                J. Ignatius Coveney (leader of minority)

Marquette Debate Society Moderators

1956-1958       Dr. John J. McAleer

1953-1956       Rev. Daniel I. Foley, S.J.

1952-1953       Rev. Francis P. Molloy, S.J.

1951-1952       Rev. Paul J. McManus, S.J.

1950-1951       Rev. Leonard J. McCarthy, S.J.

1949-1950       Mr. Joseph M. McCafferty & Mr. Donald P. Murphy

1947-1949       Rev. Thomas F. Fleming, S.J.

1945-1947       Rev. James F. Geary, S.J.

1944-1945       Rev. Paul S. McNulty, S.J. , Rev. J. F. X. Murphy, S.J. & Rev. Ernest Foley, S.J.

1941-1944       Rev. James F. Geary, S.J.

1940-1941       Rev. Raymond F. X. Cahill, S.J.

1939-1940       Rev. Michael J. Harding, S.J.

1938-1939       Rev. Michael J. Harding, S.J.

1937-1938       Rev. Jeremiah J. Donovan, S. J.

1935-1937       Rev. John J. Kelleher, S.J.

1934-1935       Rev. Raymond F.X. Cahill, S.J.

1933-1934       Rev. Raymond J. Fox, S.J.

1931-1933       Rev. William F. Finneran, SJ.

1930-1931       Rev. William J. Kenealy, S.J.

1929-1930       Rev. John W. Chapman, S.J.

1928-1929       Rev. Joseph L. Murray, S.J.

1926-1928       Rev. John C. Proctor, S.J.

1925-1926       Rev. T. Laurence Foran, S.J.

1924-1925       Rev. Martin P. Harney, S.J.

1923-1924       Rev. Stephen A. Koen, S.J.

1922-1923       Rev. Joseph F. Sullivan, S.J.

1921-1922       Rev. Joseph P. Kelly, S.J.

1920-1921       Rev. Leo A. Dore, S.J.

1919-1920       Rev. Joseph K. Counite, S.J.

1918-1919       Rev. Atlee F. X. Devereux, S.J.

1916-1918       Rev. Joseph A. Dougherty, S.J.

1915-1916       Rev. William E. Murphy, S.J.

1911-1915       Rev. William F. McFadden. S.J.

1910-1911       Rev. Ignatius W. Cox, S.J.

1908-1910       Rev. Thomas B. Chetwood, S.J.

1906-1907       Rev. Thomas H. Miley, S.J.

1905-1906       Rev. John A. Morgan, S.J.

1904-1905       Rev. Michael Jessup, S.J.

1903-1904       Rev. William Devlin, S. J.

1902-1903       Rev. Redmond J. Walsh, S.J.