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Student Core Substitution Requests

core curriculum

The majority of your Core classes will be completed at Boston College during the academic year. Occasionally, it may make sense to fulfill a Core requirement through one of the following:

  • Study Abroad and non-BC academic year classes
  • Summer Classes

Read the following carefully. Observe the deadlines and process regarding Core substitution for study abroad, non-BC, and summer classes.

Note: * The Office of International Programs maintains lists of classes that have been pre-approved for Core credit. Taking such a class means that you do not need to apply for Core substitution credit. /offices/international/gettingstarted1/academics/courseapproval/core.html.

When do I need to apply for Core substitution credit?

Students should make every possible effort to seek Core substitution approval before taking a course. You want to avoid at all costs the situation of taking a class, returning to BC, and finding that you will not receive Core credit. Start early! For summer courses, you must apply before taking the course. For Study Abroad, contact the Office of International Programs. Unless a course is pre-approved, you must seek approval through the Core Representatives listed below. Students may apply for Core substitution credit on rolling basis up to the following deadlines:

October 2 -- for study abroad/non-BC classes taken (1) the previous fall and spring semesters, (2) the previous spring semester, or (3) during the summer

March 1 -- for study abroad/non-BC classes taken the previous fall semester

Who can grant Core substitution credit?

Approval for Core substitution credit is at the discretion of the BC department that most closely resembles that in which the submitted course is taught.

The Office of the Associate Dean of the Core determines whether a course receives Cultural Diversity Core substitution credit.

How do I apply for Core substitution credit?

Contact the appropriate BC Core representatives below. Typically, the Core representative will need to see a syllabus of the course in order to determine whether or not it meets the standards for Core substitution credit.

For Cultural Diversity Core substitution credit, apply here.

What happens once my application for Core substitution credit is approved?

The process is not over. Once you receive approval you must retrieve the appropriate form and have it signed by the Core representative.

For Study Abroad courses:

  • Go to Student Services, collect the OIP Degree Audit Course Substitution Form for Study Abroad, fill it in, and bring it to the Core representative.
  • After the Core representative signs the form, he/she may ask you to pick it up and return it to Student Services.

For Summer Courses and non-BC semester courses:

  • Download and complete the Course Approval form.
  • Bring the form to the Core representative.After the Core representative signs the form, he/she may ask you to pick it up and return it to your dean’s office:
    • For Morrissey College Arts & Sciences: Gasson 109
    • For Carroll School of Management: Fulton 360
    • For Connell School of Nursing: Maloney 218
    • For Lynch School of Education: Campion 101


Boston College Core representatives:

Subject Representative Email
African and African Diaspora Studies Martin Summers


Kathy Dunn


Lynne A. O'Connell


Kendra Eshleman


Don Fishman

Computer Science

Howard Straubing

Cultural Diversity

Office of the Associate
Dean for the Core

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Alan Kafka


Bob Murphy


Chris Wilson

Fine Arts

Claude Cernuschi - Fine Arts
Kenneth Craig - Art History                                   
Alston Conley - Studio Art
John Michalczyk - Film Studies

German Studies

Daniel Bowles


Sarah Ross


Michael Martin


Dan Chambers


Jeremiah McGrann


Brian Braman


Cherie McGill


Rein Uritam

Political Science

Timothy Crawford


Michael Moore


Meghan Sweeney

Romance Languages and Literature

Franco Mormando

Slavic & Eastern Languages and Literatures

Cynthia Simmons


Gustavo Morello


Luke Jorgensen


Brian Robinette

Writing Paula Mathieu