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Faculty and the Core

Undergraduate education is a key component of our very full professional lives. Many of the classes we teach enable students to deepen their grasp as majors and minors of our challenging fields of expertise. Core classes aspire to another aspect of undergraduate education. Through them, students gain the breadth and possibilities for integration that are the hallmark of a liberal arts education.

What does a Literature Core class offer a Physics or an Economics major? What does a Natural Science Core taught by a Biology professor bring to an English or Sociology major? In the common space where all our fields and department meet is the project of forming well-educated whole people. At some level, each us likely believes that being an educated person requires familiarity and facility with the basic premises, methods, and worldview of our chosen discipline.

Core classes present an opportunity for us to model for our students the passion we have for our subjects, the relevance each of use believe we have to general understanding of ourselves, our world, and our place in the order of things, seen and unseen. Core classes should aspire to more than simply an introduction to the major; they should contribute to the common project of shaping and developing young men and women to become adults who see, hear, listen, and speak more fully.

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