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Enduring Questions

core curriculum

In these linked pairs of three-credit classes, students critically examine and reflect upon fundamental human concerns. Faculty provide them with a foundation in the influential thinkers, writers, and artists who have wrestled with questions that have long concerned reflective people and that transcend particular disciplines, spaces, and times. As students grapple with the approaches they encounter, they reflect upon their own perspective, strive to articulate their own opinions and beliefs, and continue to define a core set of values. A new generation learns that they are part of a larger, ongoing conversation: the human search for meaning in all its changes and continuities, diversity and abundance.

Two faculty from different departments teach independent classes connected by a common overarching topic. Faculty agree on three enduring questions to examine in their courses, and they collaborate on some shared readings and assignments. The same students take both classes. In addition to the two linked courses, students participate in periodic shared learning experiences and opportunities for reflection throughout the semester. In the pilot phase, these classes will be limited to 19 first-year students, although in the future they may be larger.