McMullen Museum

New England Sky Audio Tour

Floor Plan

Welcome to the New England Sky audio tour. Begin at the title wall on the landing between the first and second floors. The exhibition continues upstairs on the second floor around the elevator shaft, up the next flight of stairs, and concludes on the third floor. You may use the isometric view of the exhibition above to help situate yourself.

Uses jQuery Mobile framework and audiojs

1. Northern Sky: Yellow Violet

image 1


2. End of the Day 1; 6; 5

image 2

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3. Northern Sky: Pink and Tree; Northern Sky: Summer Afternoon; New England Sky: Yellow

image 3

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4. End of the Day: Blue; Blue Orange; Yellow Orange

image 4

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5. Case: Studies

image 5

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6. Winter Solstice 3; September Sky; Winter Sky; Winter Solstice 2

image 6

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