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Accessibility @ Boston College

Disability Services Office

Purpose and Mission

The mission of the Disability Services Office is to assist students with disabilities at Boston College in achieving their educational, career, and personal goals through the full range of institutional and community resources. The office ensures that students with disabilities receive support services and accommodations that permit equal access to all Boston College programs and the opportunity to realize their potential and develop effective self-advocacy skills.

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Disability Services Staff

Phone: 617-552-3470

The services featured here are specifically for students with physical, medical, temporary, or psychological disabilities, and provide an example of possible accommodations. Students who have a learning disability or ADHD and require certain needs should contact Special Services in the Connors Family Learning Center.

Canvas and JAWS Compatibility

Boston College has implemented the Canvas Learning Management System. Faculty use this application to post class notes, class readings, and syllabi. Canvas should be completely accessible for all students, but if students experience difficulties using Canvas Vista with the JAWS screen reader software program, they should contact the Information Technology Services Help Center at 617-552-HELP (4357) for assistance.

Campus Mobility Orientation

Students with visual impairments may receive campus mobility orientation to assist them in becoming acclimated to the campus. The Assistant Dean for Students with Disabilities arranges this orientation with staff members from the Carroll Center for the Blind in Newton, MA.

CART Services for Students with Hearing Impairments

CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation), also known as realtime captioning, is a computer program that translates spoken English into realtime captioning for students with hearing impairments. Students who need CART services should contact the Assistant Dean for Students with Disabilities as soon as they have finalized their class schedule in order to make arrangements with an appropriate provider prior to the beginning of the academic semester.

Course Underloading

Students whose documentation supports taking four courses rather than five may underload during the academic year. They may make up these courses during the summer session at Boston College, at another university, or during their senior year. Students must discuss this option with their academic dean in order to receive permission for this accommodation.


Students with visual impairments who have the JAWS screen reader software program installed on their computer may be interested in obtaining their required textbooks in electronic format. In order to allow sufficient time to obtain textbooks in this format, it is imperative that students provide the Assistant Dean for Students with Disabilities with the title, author, publisher, and year of publication for each text as soon as they have confirmed their course selection. It is equally imperative for professors to provide students with this information at their earliest convenience, since it may take several weeks for publishers to respond to requests for this alternate format.

The complete procedures regarding accessible texts can be found online.


Students with hearing impairments who are interested in using interpreters in their classes must inform the Assistant Dean for Students with Disabilities of the need for this accommodation at their earliest possible convenience following course registration due to the time needed to secure interpreters for the following academic semester. There is no guarantee that an interpreter will be found if a student does not provide sufficient notice of this need.

If you would like to request an interpreter, please complete the Interpreter Request Form available online.

Library Services

The Library's Accessibility Page provides resource information on the services available for patrons requiring accommodation.

Modified Deadlines for Assignments and Examinations

There are students whose documentation supports the need for a modification of deadlines for assignments and examinations, particularly if multiple exams and assignments are due on the same day. Students in need of this accommodation make arrangements for these modifications with their individual professors.

Temporary Impairments

Temporary impairments are not listed as disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); however, every attempt is made to provide support and assistance to students who experience a temporary disability. Accommodations may include the use of a laptop, extended time on exams, use of the Eagle Transportation van service, or having swipe card access to the Government Documents Room in order to bypass the O'Neill Library stairs next to Maloney Hall.

Testing Accomodations 

The Connors Family Learning Center (CFLC) extends a warm welcome to DSO students. All tests that you are not taking with your professor or class will be taking place at the CFLC. 

Once you have been approved for testing accommodations by the DSO, you will need to schedule your exams with Connors using the Clockwork application at least two days in advance of your scheduled exam.

How to schedule exams with Connors:

* Search Connors Family Learning Center in search bar on homepage.

* Select first link for the CFLC.

* On left side bar, click the tab titled CFLC Test/Exam Services.

* Scroll down and click on the For Students link.

* Click Schedule a test or Exam.

* Click the tab at the top left hand corner for Schedule a test, midterm, or quiz.

* Click 1. Select Course on the left side bar.

* Follow the prompts, clicking next after each page is complete.

* Make sure that you select I acknowledge....on the final page and then click finish on the bottom right.

Once you have completed this process and the test is officially scheduled, your professor will automatically receive an email that they have to either digitally upload or drop off a hard copy of your test. 

Additional information about scheduling your exam:

* For questions about when the test is scheduled, select the time your class starts.

* For questions about length of test, enter the standard amount of time scheduled for the test, without your extra time.

* If you have a conflict with testing times (e.g. have a class directly following class with test) then you will either have to start the test earlier, or get permission from your professor to take the test at a later time, which you will organize with them prior to scheduling.

* To schedule a test to start at a different time, put the new start time in the test scheduled line.

* Keep the test length the same as the amount that other members of the class receive.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please get in touch with Disability Services (, (617) 552-3470, Maloney Hall 448)


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