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Boston College Experience

Exploring Forensic Science

Natural and Laboratory Science

Students in lab

Program Description

In this two-week program, students will learn and use equipment and techniques germane to the field of forensics to process and evaluate evidence from mock crime scenes as well as Virtual Crime Cases using actual crimes with actual crime scene photos.  Students will employ various diagnostic tests and methods from the sciences of serology, pathology, ballistics, physics, and biochemistry to solve simulated criminal cases. The laboratory experience will invite students to utilize an array of scientific techniques and to confront and deliberate the ethical and legal implications surrounding the application of forensic science in a court of law.  Each lab will have an hour of powerpoint lecture of cases followed by 2 hours of laboratory experience  analyzing fingerprints, fibers, footprints, hair, blood, tool marks,  bullets, glass, etc.  Students will take photographs and sketch the various crime scenes.

Course Number and Name: ADSO 0950001  BCE Exploring Forensic Science  

Faculty: Ann W. Burgess, D.N.Sc., APRN, FAAN, Dr. Michael Piateli


A Day in the Life...

8:30 am - Breakfast

10:00 am - Morning Class

12:00 pm - Lunch and social time

1:30 pm - Afternoon Class 

3:30 pm - Afternoon Seminar - The College Essay

5:30 pm - Dinner

7:00 pm - Time to study or head to the Plex to work out or play games/movies in the dorm


Program Dates: June 23 - July 6, 2018 

Eligibility: Students entering grades 10, 11 & 12

Application Requirements can be found here.

Application Deadlines for 2018:

February 15

March 15

April 15

May 15

Program Costs

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