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Summer Degrees and Certificates

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Hybrid M.A. Program Video

Hybrid M.A. Program

Our 48-credit M.A. degree program in theology and ministry can now be completed through a combination of on-campus courses and online courses taken throughout the year.

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The M.A. program has been designed to be flexible. Students in this program will be guided by our faculty advisors to craft the best program of study and sequence of courses for you.  You can take advantage of our on-campus course offerings throughout the academic year, take online courses, and take courses over the summer sessions. Through an intensive program of study, it is possible to complete the program in 3 years.  However, you have up to 5 years to complete the program, if you would rather focus on taking one or two courses at a time.

*If you plan to take online STM courses during the academic year in order to complete the M.A. in 3 years, please do not take courses that will satisfy similar area requirements during the summers.  For planning purposes, upcoming online courses are listed below:

Spring 2018

Introduction to the New Testament
Christopher Stroup

Summer 2018
Barbara Anne Radtke

Fall 2018
Adult Believers in a Post-Modern Context
Jane E. Regan

Spring 2019
Moral Dimensions of the Christian Life
James T. Bretzke, S.J.  

certificate programs

Post Master's Certificate in Spiritual Formation
Individuals with a master's degree in a theological discipline may complete requirements for the post master's certificate in spiritual formation during 2-week sessions over the course of 3 summers.  This certificate prepares lay and ordained individuals to become spiritual directors and companions.

Certificate in Theology and Ministry
Certificate in Hispanic Ministry
Certificate in Religious Education
Summer at STM students may pursue an 18-credit certificate program.  Requirements for these programs can be completely fulfilled through summer courses or through a combination of summer courses and online courses.