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Debra Eichenbaum

class of 2011; b.a., brandeis university

Debra EichenbaumDebra Eichenbaum was drawn to the law through her love of social justice and her desire to use the legal system to create systemic change within communities. Through her work at the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, she explored important political and policy issues, but it became obvious that the underlying legal framework needed to be addressed in order to create true change. She found a home at BC Law.

"It's such a warm and welcoming environment," she says. "The first year of law school is not easy, but the support system in place at Boston College helps to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. The professors are always accessible to answer your questions and provide you with needed guidance. The student body is incredibly supportive, welcoming, and encouraging. Going to the library every day is much easier when you are surrounded by smiling faces, and those who are willing to lend you a hand and explain difficult concepts."

Eichenbaum spent the summer before her first year working at the National Women's Law Center in Washington D.C., focusing on education and employment law. "It's a fascinating and rewarding experience to use my legal training to promote a progressive legal agenda that addresses some of our society's most pressing issues," she says.

Eichenbaum hopes to use her law degree to create that systemic change from within. "I want to create a better place for generations to come," she says, "a society free from discrimination, racism, and want. I hope in the future to be able to work in my religious community in particular, a community that has given me so much, to ensure that these goals and ideals are realized."