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Ray Madoff

professor of law. j.d., ll.m., new york university; a.b., brown university.

Ray Madoff

 According to Ray Madoff, the BC Law community creates a "caring culture felt in a thousand different ways." BC truly puts the student first, she says-- they are the primary focus of every decision, from hiring and tenure to scheduling and administrative matters. 

That community came to life for her when her father passed away. All 117 of her students chipped in to plant two trees in Israel in her father's name. "I have that certificate and card framed in my office because it so perfectly embodies what BC Law is all about," she says. 

Madoff describes her teaching approach as "friendly Socratic," engaging her students through lots of questions. She doesn't expect to always get the correct answers; it's the process that counts. "I try to speak with many students during class, because it provides an opportunity for me to gauge the information to them," she says. "My goals as a professor are not simply to ensure that my students learn the rules governing my areas of law, but also that they understand their role in the world as a lawyer and as a person. I want to help them grow to be their very best selves."

Madoff is a regular contributor to the New York Times's op-ed page and a prolific writer. her current projects include the role that charitable deduction plays in the world of finance and government, and to to consider what can be revised to encourage greater charitable spending, as well as a comparative research project with a former LL.M. student who practices estate planning in France.