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Raghav Kohli

class of 2010

raghay kohli

While working in engineering, Raghav Kohli began to see that technology’s development and innovation was heavily influenced by the legal framework surrounding it. He saw law school as an opportunity to complement his engineering background by understanding how the rule of law influences innovation.

Kohli found BC unique in its aim to provide the opportunity to think creatively, encourage the development of leadership skills, and learn from those around him. Not only has it shaped his analytical approach and problem solving ability, but it has also altered the way he learns.

“By making students so integral in the functioning and success of the school, activities at Boston College equip students with strong communication and leadership skills as well as a team-oriented mentality,” says Kohli.  “BC's encouragement for diversity of thought allows students to learn and explore and is ultimately a benefit for the community as a whole.“

Kohli served as president of the South Asian Law Student Association (SALSA).  Working with SALSA, he was able to bring Navjeet Bal and Judge Sabita Signh, two of the highest ranking state officials of South Asian decent, to BC Law to speak about their roles in the legal community.

This past year, as vice president of the Business and Law Society, Kohli helped bring practitioners working on financial reform and regulation and activity to Boston College.  He was also a staff writer and articles editor for the International and Comparative Law Review.  

In the future, he hopes to accelerate innovation and technology development for the benefit of society “by creating a more seamless integration and collaborative effort between business, technology, and the law.”