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diversity at bc law

Boston College Law School has always been committed to building you up, not tearing you down. Learning the law is different here.


Boston College Law School students are taught by accomplished teachers who are always available through office hours or after class. BC Law prides itself on a diverse and dynamic faculty. Nine of our full-time faculty members are persons of color.

Our faculty are widely published and respected experts in their fields. Director of Emerging Enterprises and Business Law Alfred Yen’s specialty is copyright law and the Internet and he has been published in many law journals, including the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and the Asian Law Journal. Clinical Professor Evangeline Sarda teaches and writes in the areas of criminal law and multi-cultural lawyering. Dean Hashimoto, well known for his work in the areas of health-care policy and scientific evidence, is also a physician and serves as the chief of occupational and environmental medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Richard Albert is an expert in constitutional and comparative law. Joseph Liu is an expert in intellectual property and Internet regulation. Frank Garcia’s expertise is in international law and globalization, while Renee Jones is an expert in corporate law.

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"For me, the thing that makes BC stand out among other great schools in the country is the strong sense of community. I've felt nothing but overwhelming support from professors, staff, administration, fellow students, and alumni- members of the BC network really do everything they can to make sure that you succeed in whatever it is you want to do."

--Jennifer Kent
Class of 2013, Boston College Law School



All law students are assigned faculty advisors. The Associate Dean for External Relations, Diversity & Inclusion, Tracey West, is also available to answer students’ questions and offer counseling on academic subjects, as is the Associate Dean for Academic, Career and Student Services Maris Abbene. BC Law also provides an Academic Support Program (ASP), which offers selected students assistance with legal problem-solving, analytical and test-taking skills through small group sessions and meetings with student tutors. Students can also choose to meet with asp tutors during drop-in appointment hours, which are open to the entire first-year class.

In addition to academic support when needed, students of color have the option of being mentored by a second- or third-year student of color who will be a general and academic resource. These mentoring relationships, coordinated by LALSA, BLSA, SALSA, and APALSA are meant to form meaningful connections within our student body, and to make all students understand that they are an important part of our community. BC Law’s Black Alumni Network also sponsors programs and provides mentors to support African-American students. Asian-American and Latino alumni are assisting students with similar networks.

Diversity at BC Law: Student Groups

The Spirit of Inclusion
A message from the Associate Dean for External Relations, Diversity & Inclusion

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