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WE MEASURE SUCCESS BY THE WELL-BEING AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF OUR STUDENTS. No matter what your career goals might be, we will help you achieve them. Our experienced career services staff will teach you the skills to be competitive in your job search and provide access to a national network of alumni and employers, whose respect for BC Law is evident in how many of our graduates they hire.


Professor Frank Garcia

“I want to help students chart a course towards that dream job--finding their passion in the law. As the network of Boston College students I’ve trained who land their dream jobs grows larger, the momentum builds on itself in a very exciting way.”

--Professor Frank Garcia


»100 Career Services programs a year, including 1L Bootcamp, workshops, panels, round-robins, a “how-to” series, sessions on professional development, meet-the-employer events, and alumni mock interview programs

»90% of our 2014 graduates were employed 10 months after graduation:

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»More than 1,500 employers request applications yearly from BC Law students

»BC Law placed 22nd among US colleges and universities in the Global Employability Survey

»National Jurist ranks BC Law 17th for placing graduates at the largest law firms

»Business Insider puts BC Law 17th in its 50 best law schools list

»Above the Law puts BC Law 16th in its best law schools list



»Secretary of State John Kerry is a graduate of BC Law, class of 1976

»Michael Greco '72 served as president of the American Bar Association

»Shannon Miller ’07 is a gold medal-winning Olympic gymnast

»William Landay ’90 is the author of the NY Times bestseller Defending Jacob

»Jay Carney ’78 is the defense attorney for notorious gangster James “Whitey” Bulger

»John McHale ’75 is the executive vice president of Major League Baseball

»Brigida Benitez '93 is the former president of the Hispanic Bar Association

»Patric Verrone ’84 served as president of Writers Guild of America, West


Joan Lukey '74
Joan Lukey '74 won a $50.9 million verdict for crime writer Patricia Cornwell against her former management company.
We'll inspire you to discover your passion:

“You never know what is going to catch your heart until you encounter it, and immigration did that for me. I find that I have great empathy for people who are suffering because I know a thing or two about working through difficult issues. My clients and I don’t necessarily share the same life experiences, but there is something about the experience of discovering joy and building character through seemingly hopeless situations that transcends borders.”

--Jennifer Barrow ’10

We'll help you land the job of your dreams:

“My BC law education gave me a skill set for a world I never envisioned: an international business career at Michelin.”

--James Micali ’73

“As a public defender, I represent poor people who don’t otherwise have the means to defend themselves. There is nothing I would rather be doing with my legal education. I was able to choose this career because of BC Law’s Loan Repayment Assistance Program."

--David Grimaldi ’07

We fuel an innovative metropolitan culture:

 "Boston is a vibrant and innovative cultural hub, with internationally known teaching hospitals, leading law firms, industry leaders in technology and business, and one of the highest concentrations of colleges and universities in the world. The opportunities for hands-on education are numerous. Armed with these experiences and the strength of the BC Law degree, our graduates go on to practice everywhere in the world."

--Mary Bilder, Professor and former Chair of Admissions Committee


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