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BC Law Hosts Members of Seoul Bar Association

2012 news archive


Newton, MA--On Friday, June 15th, Boston College Law School Dean Vincent Rougeau hosted a party of delegates, including Dr. Wook Hwan Oh, the President of the Seoul Bar Association, and Mr. Jin Seok Lin, the Association's Director of International Relations. Also in attendance at the meeting were BC Law professors David Wirth and Judith McMorrow. The purpose of the meeting was to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between the Association and BC Law, where both parties declared their intention to form a close cooperation and professional relationship between the two organizations.

The Memorandum provides for the exchange of information on the development and duty of lawyers, and the respective legal systems of the two countries. It also calls for the hosting of joint academic and research events to the extent possible.

BC Law has a growing presence in the Korean legal services market. Several J.D. graduates are "foreign attorneys" at leading Seoul law firms, and others are working as in-house lawyers and academics in Korea.  Five Koreans have completed BC Law’s LL.M. program, and a sixth will be joining the program this fall. There is an active Korean chapter of the BC Law Alumni Association.

Rougeau Meeting with Seoul Bar Association
Rougeau Meeting with Seoul Bar Association-
Rougeau Meeting with Seoul Bar Association-