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Rare Book Room Acquisition

A recent Rare Book Room acquisition on Massachusetts insolvency laws provided a good opportunity to look into the history of debtors' prisons in the U.S. Outlawed by a federal statute in 1833, the de facto imprisonment of folks unable to pay private and court-related debts remains a hot-button issue today.  Read more about the new acquisition on the Rare Book Room blog.

Adventurous Lawyers and the Law of Adventuring

Learn more about lawyers who seek adventure and the laws of adventuring on the Legal Eagle Blog.  Karen Breda discusses the book Adventure and the Law by Cecil C. Kuhne, III and the ABA Journal’s photo-essay gallery, Adventurous Attorneys.  

Pay Up or Off to Prison!

Deliver that flax or off to jail with you! A new pair of documents in the Rare Book Room collection illustrates the implications of failing to deliver on one's obligations in the days of debtor's prisons. Read more on the Law Library's Rare Book Room Blog.

Database Spotlight: Child Rights International Network

The Child Rights International Network (CRIN) provides a free legal database that pulls all the significant sources about children’s rights around the world.  Learn more about the Child Rights International Network’s database on the Legal Eagle blog.

Professional Development via BC Online Databases

The BC Law School community (students, faculty and administrative staff alike) can access professional development webinars, interactive online lessons, lecture transcripts and instructional videos on a wide variety of subjects – from learning a foreign language or learning new dance techniques to continuing legal education webinars.  Karen Breda talks about what resources are available on the Legal Eagle Blog

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