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Popular Books and DVDs at the Law Library

Looking to take a break from studying with an interesting book or a relaxing movie? The BC Law Library has you covered, with law-related movies, TV shows, and popular books of all kinds. You can browse a selection of the books and DVDs online, or stop by the library to check them out. 

Law Student Excused from Exam for Cubs Game

A University of Illinois law student and Chicago Cubs fan made headlines this week when he asked his professor for an extension so that he could attend last night's National League Wild Card Game between the Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates. The professor granted the request, citing the extraordinary nature of a playoff game involving the Cubs. The student must have been thrilled to witness a 4-hit, complete game shutout by Jake Arrieta (pictured) as the Cubs won 4-0. Photo by John, CC BY.

Should Lawyers Encrypt Their Emails?

A new study finds that only 35% of lawyers use email encryption.  Most lawyers instead include a confidentiality statement, which appears only after a confidential email has been opened.  Robert Ambrogi of Law Sites discusses methods of security when emailing confidential information and discusses the study's findings.

Supreme Court to Address Link Rot in Opinions

The Supreme Court has announced that it will take steps to preserve and make available web-based content cited in Court opinions by providing copies of the cited materials on its website. A 2013 study found that more than 50% of the URLs in Supreme Court opinions suffered from link rot. BC Law's law reviews use Perma to provide permanent citations to web-based content. Photo by Brian Smithson, CC BY.

New Supreme Court Term

Monday, Oct. 5, 2015, marks the beginning of a new Supreme Court term.  For court watchers, this means eagerly watching oral arguments, awaiting rulings that will likely be handed down in June 2016, and debating how those rulings will shape the political climate in a presidential election year.  The Legal Eagle Blog talks more about what cases are being heard this term.  Photo by Phil Roeder, CC BY.

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