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Submission Guidelines

Boston College Law School journals provide students with a valuable opportunity to gain research, writing and editing experience. Students are selected to take part in one of the Law School's four journals based on their first-year grades or successful performance on a demanding writing competition. They receive credit for their participation, and a faculty advisor supervises each of the reviews. Students also staff the Uniform Commercial Code Reporter-Digest, a quarterly publication of a national commercial service that summarizes and comments on all reported cases under the Uniform Commercial Code.

Boston College Law Reviews also frequently sponsor symposia on subjects of interest to each journal, such as the recent "Globalization and the Erosion of Sovereignty," a festschrift in honor of BC Law Professor Cynthia Lichtenstein.

For individual abstracts and submission criteria, please click on the journal covers or links to the right.

John Gordon, Law Review Publications Manager
(617) 552-8557

Boston College Law Review
BC Law Review
  The Boston College Law Review is the oldest scholarly publication at Boston College Law School.


Environmental Affairs Law Review
BC Environmental Affairs Law Review
  The Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review is the nation's second oldest law review dedicated solely to environmental law.


International & Comparative Law Review
BC International & Comparative Law Review
  The Boston College International & Comparative Law Review is one of approximately 30 law reviews in the United States that focus on international legal issues.


The Journal of Law and Social Justice
Third World Law Journal
  The Journal of Law and Social Justice is a unique legal periodical that fills the need for a progressive, alternative legal perspective on issues both within the United States and in the developing world.


Uniform Commercial Code Reporter-Digest
The Uniform Commercial Code Reporter-Digest is the only student-written publication at Boston College Law School published by a private corporation


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