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2012 News Archive

faculty news and appearances

Madoff Op-ed in Washington Post on Tax Fairness

Newton, MA--Ray Madoff writes an op-ed for the Washington Post on taxes in light of the looming fiscal cliff.

Katz Quoted in Christian Science Monitor on Kerry Nomination

Newton, MA--Professor Sanford Katz talks to the Christian Science Monitor about the qualities that he feels will make John Kerry '76 a good Secretary of State.

'Myth of Choice' Highlighted in Washington Post

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield's 'Myth of Choice' is featured in the Washington Post's Style Blog.

Greenfield Op-ed on Former Supreme Court Nominee Bork

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield writes an op-ed for the American Prospect on why Robert Bork might not have made a good Supreme Court Justice.

Lyons Discusses Usage-based Pricing for Broadband at NCTA Conference

Newton, MA--Daniel Lyons appeared at a recent National Cable and Telecommunications Association in Washington, DC. to present research from his paper on broadband pricing.

Brown on Cahill Deadlocked Verdict

Newton, MA--George Brown is interviewed by several papers following yesterday's announcement of a deadlocked jury in the trial of ex-state Treasurer Tim Cahill.

Papandrea Talks to the Guardian about Communications Decency Act

Newton, MA--Mary Rose Papandrea discusses Hunter Moore's controversial new website project and whether it is covered under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Brown Talks to Herald on Cahill Ethics Case

Newton, MA--George Brown comments on the Tim Cahill state ethics case in the Boston Herald.

Greenfield Op-ed in American Prospect on Supreme Court Gay Marriage Cases

Newton, MA--Professor Greenfield discusses DOMA and Proposition 8 in an op ed appearing in The American Prospect online.

Greenfield Talks to Globe on Corporate Reform

Newton, MA--Professor Greenfield talks to the Boston Globe about Corporate Reform.

Brown Talks to Herald on Cahill Ethics Case

Newton, MA--George Brown takes a strong stand in comments to the Boston Herald on potential Cahill not guilty verdict in ethics case.

Quinn in NY Times on HP Write-Down

Newton, MA--Brian Quinn talks to the NY Times about the Hewlett Packard write-down and the focus on advisors for deals.

Quinn Talks to Reuters on HP-Autonomy Debacle

Newton, MA--Brian Quinn discusses the fraud case involving Hewlett Packard's acquisition of Autonomy.

Rogers Talks to Bloomberg about Stock Certificate Damage

Newton, MA--James Rogers discusses the impact of Hurricane Sandy on stock certificates damaged during the flood.

Albert Op Ed on Next Republican Candidate on WBUR

Newton, MA--Professor Richard Albert writes an op ed for WBUR that discusses the possible candidates for the next Republication nomination for President.

Sherman Featured in 'Stop the Pipeline to Prison' Panel

Newton, MA--Francine Sherman is a panelist in the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation panel discussion "Stop the Pipeline to Prison: Create Educational Opportunities, Jobs and Wealth" on November 17, 2012 from 4 P.M. to 6 P.M. at 1518 M Street, NW, Washington, DC.

Greenfield Discusses Election and Supreme Court on Huffington Post Live

Newton, MA--Professor Kent Greenfield discusses the presidential election and talks about implications for Supreme Court appointments on Huffington Post Live.

Sherman on Juvenile Justice Issues in OJJDP News

Newton, MA--Professor Fran Sherman is mentioned in the recent OJJDP Newsletter on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency prevention.

Olson Quoted in CBS Article on Faulkner Estate Lawsuits

Newton, MA--Professor David Olson is quoted in a recent CBS News article about lawsuits filed by the Faulkner estate.

Brown Quoted on MA Ethics Study

Newton, MA--Professor George Brown is quoted in a story on the Center for Public Integrity's website on a recent study regarding corruption in Massachusetts.

Bilder's Article on 1787 Constitutional Convention 'Highly Recommended'

Newton, MA--Professor Mary Bilder's new article, How Bad Were the Official Records of the Federal Convention? (George Washington Law Review, Vol. 80, No. 6, 2012) is highly recommended by the Legal Theory Blog.

Bilder Talks to MassLive about Bruce Mann

Newton, MA--Professor Bilder talks to MassLive about Bruce Mann.

Greenfield ACS Podcast on Constitution Day

Newton, MA--Greenfield appears on the American Constitution Society's podcast to explain why conditioning federal funds on the celebration of Constitution Day is unconstitutional.

Bloom Talks to Globe on Romney Judicial Appointments

Newton, MA--Professor Bloom talks to The Boston Globe about Romney's Judicial Appointments.

Garcia in Huffington Post on Mohammed Film Controversy

Newton, MA--Frank Garcia blogs on the Mohammed controversy, and what we need to do to avoid more confrontations.

Greenfield Blog in Policy Network on Shareholders as Owners

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield writes for Policy Network on whether shareholders are considered owners.

Galle in Huffington Post on Romney Tax Returns

Professor Galle discusses Mitt Romney's tax returns.

Greenfield in NY Times about Constitution Day

Newton, MA--Professor Kent Greenfield is quoted in a New York Times piece on whether Constitution Day is unconstitutional.

Greenfield on Anti-Muhammad Film Controversy

Newton, MA--Professor Kent Greenfield writes for the Huffington Post on the anti-Muhammad film controversy.

Dean Rougeau in Thinking Faith on Health Care Debate

Newton, MA--Dean Vincent Rougeau writes about the health care debate for religious institutions in Thinking Faith.

Greenfield Blogs for ACS on Constitution Day

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield blogs for ACS on the meaning of Constitution Day.

Sherman Paper Highlighted in Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Newton, MA--Professor Sherman's paper, "Justice for Girls: Are We Making Progress?" is highlighted in the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange.

Greenfield Essay on Citizens United in Democracy: A Journal of Ideas

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield writes an essay on a new strategy for curing the ills of Citizens United in Democracy.

George Brown in MLW on Ethics Case

Newton, MA--Professor George Brown is quoted in a story about the State Ethics Commission.

Madoff on NPR and Radio Boston on Publicity Beyond the Grave

Newton, MA--Professor Ray Madoff talks to NPR's Talk of the Nation about how rights of publicity extend after death.

Quinn in NY Times on Delaware’s Arbitration Experiment

Newton, MA--Brian Quinn's M&A Blog is cited in New York Times article on Delaware’s Arbitration Experiment.

Kanstroom Op-ed in NY Times on Deportation Laws

Newton, MA--Daniel Kanstroom writes an op ed on deportation laws for the New York Times.

Greenfield Essay on 'Citizens United' in Democracy

Newton, MA--Greenfield, whose book The Failure of Corporate Law critiqued the primacy of the shareholder, writes an essay that focuses specifically on Citizens United as a problem fixable through corporate law reforms.

Quinn Talks to Financial Times on Facebook-Instagram Deal

Newton, MA--Brian Quinn discusses Facebook's acquisition of Instagram.

Quinn Talks to Philly Enquirer about Online Learning Program

Newton, MA--Assistant Professor Brian J.M. Quinn talks to The Philly Enquirer about LawMeets, an online learning program.

Kanstroom Book Blog Featured on ACS Website

Newton, MA--Professor Daniel Kanstroom's blog on his new book, Aftermath: Deportation Law and the New American Diaspora, is featured on the American Constitution Society's website.

Greenfield Blogs for ACS on Dodd-Frank

Newton, MA--Professor Kent Greenfield blogs for the American Constitution Society on the legal arguments against Dodd-Frank.

Albert Op-ed on Romney Running Mate in Baltimore Sun

Newton, MA--Professor Albert's op-ed on Romney's running mate appeared in the Baltimore Sun.

Greenfield on Raising 'Risk-takers' in Globe Magazine

Newton, MA--Professor Greenfield submits a piece on parenting in the Globe Magazine.

Perju on Romanian Constitutional Crisis in the NY Times

Newton, MA--Professor Vlad Perju authors an analysis in the New York Times on the Romanian Constitutional crisis.

Dean Rougeau Talks to Radio Boston on Legal Education Crisis

Newton, MA--BC Law dean Vincent Rougeau appeared on WBUR's Radio Boston to discuss the current crisis in legal education.

Papandrea Blogs at Concurring Opinions on National Security Leaks

Newton, MA--Professor Papandrea blogs about today's Congressional hearings on National Security Leaks for Opinions.

Galle Talks to Politico on Ripple Effect of Medicaid Ruling

Newton, MA--Professor Brian Galle talks to Politico about how the Medicaid ruling will have implications for future policy decisions.

Galle on NPR on Health Care Battle

Newton, MA--Professor Brian Galle talks to NPR about the battle over Health Care.

Cassidy in Globe on Romney Assets

Newton, MA--Michael Cassidy talks to the Globe about Mitt Romney's hidden assets.

Kanstroom on NPR to Discuss New Book 'Aftermath'

Newton, MA--Professor Kanstroom speaks to NPR about his new book, 'Aftermath'.

Papandrea in Concurring Opinions on Stolen Valor Decision

Newton, MA--Professor Mary-Rose Papandrea blogs on the Stolen Valor case.

Papandrea in Slate on Court Opinions

Newton, MA--Professor Mary-Rose Papandrea talks with Slate on how the court produces opinions.

Chirba and Noble Talk to Forbes on Health Reform

Newton, MA--Professors Chirba and Noble discuss the latest on health reform with Forbes magazine.

Dean Rougeau on Law School Reform in The Atlantic

Newton, MA--Dean Rougeau talks about law school reform in The Atlantic.

Papandrea's Concurring Opinions Blog: "Leakers & the First Amendment"

Newton, MA--Mary Rose Papandrea blogs on the First Amendment for Concurring Opinions.

Greenfield's 'Myth of Choice' Published in UK

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield's 'Myth of Choice' has been published in the United Kingdom.

Kanstroom Talks to Globe about Immigration Policy Change

Newton, MA--Professor Kanstroom talks to the Boston Globe about the recent policy change on immigration.

Greenfield Talks to MSNBC on RIM CEO Payout

Newton, MA--Professor Greenfield talks to MSNBC about the recent payout to the CEO of RIM.

Chirba and Noble Blog on Affordable Care Act

Newton, MA--Professor Chirba and Professor Noble talk about Affordable Care Act litigation in the latest blogpost in Health Affairs.

Greenfield Talks to WGBH on Citizens United

Newton, MA--Professor Greenfield is featured in the Greater Boston show on WGBH to discuss the Citizens United case.

Quinn in Financial Times on Collapse of Dewey LeBoeuf

Newton, MA--Professor Quinn is featured in Financial Times to discuss Dewey LeBoeuf's filing for bankruptcy.

Greenfield in iWatch News on Citizens United

Newton, MA--Professor Greenfield is featured in iWatch News to discuss the ruling of the Citizens United case.

'Citizenship-in-Question' Conference Highlighted in Times

Newton, MA--Professor Kanstroom's 'Citizen-in-Question' Conference held on April 19, 2012 is highlighted in the New York Times.

Papandrea in Wired Magazine on Free Speech

Newton, MA--Professor Mary-Rose Papandrea is quoted in Wired about tweeting about sobriety checkpoints.

Quinn in Financial Times on Delaware Court Opinion

Newton, MA--Brian Quinn is quoted in the Financial Times on a recent Delaware court decision (registration required).

Brown on Corruption in MA for MassLive

Newton, MA--George Brown talks to MassLive about levels of corruption in Massachusetts as compared to the rest of the country.

Brown Comments on Mehanna Sentencing for CNN

Newton, MA--Professor George Brown talks to CNN about the terror-related case involving Terek Mehanna, sentenced this Thursday to 17 1/2 years in federal prison. 

Brown Talks to Globe on Cahill Ethics Charges

Newton, MA--Professor Brown talks to the Boston Globe about the indictment of the former Massachusetts treasurer on charges of misusing state lottery funds.

Greenfield Talks to NECN on Affordable Health Care Act

Newton, MA--Professor Kent Greenfield talks to NECN about this week's historic arguments at the United States Supreme Court over the President's Affordable Health Care Act.

Galle Talks to Politico on Medicaid Ruling

Newton, MA--Brian Galle discusses the recent Medicaid ruling with Politico.

Brown Talks to WBUR on Corruption in Mass

Newton, MA--George Brown talks to WBUR radio about corruption in Massachusetts.

Greenfield Blogs on Health Care Ruling

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield on the chances of Obama winning the health care ruling in the Supreme Court.

Noble and Chirba Blog for Health Affairs on Health Care Law Case

Newton, MA--Professors Noble and Chirba discuss the Individual Mandate argument and the universal health care law being debated by the Supreme Court.

Greenfield on MSNBC Regarding Contract Dispute

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield talks to MSNBC regarding a contract dispute over a typo in salary.

Papandrea Talks to The Hill on Supreme Court Healthcare Case

Newton, MA--MAry Rose Papandrea talks to The Hill about the controrversial Supreme Court case on healthcare reform.

Brown Talks to WBUR about Study on State Corruption Risk

Newton, MA--Professor Brown talks to WBUR about The State Integrity Investigations.

Bloom Talks to MassLive about Springfield Strip Search Case

Newton, MA--Professor Bloom speaks with MassLive about the Springfield Strip Search case, and the implications of an incident that took place in June 2008.

Plater Talks to Times Picayune on BP Oil Spill

Newton, MA--Professor Plater talks to Time-Picayune on the health settlements in the BP Oil Spill case.

Kalscheur Talks to Catholic Reporter on Health Coverage Controversy

Newton, MA--Professor Kalscheur discusses Obama's contraception health coverage controversy and the relationship between church and state. 

Quinn Talks to Reuters about Martin Marietta-Vulcan Trial

Newton, MA--Reuters asks Professor Quinn to comment on the upcoming Martin Marietta-Vulcan Trial. 

Quinn in WSJ on New Delaware Arbitration Procedure (Subscription Required)

Newton, MA--Professor Quinn talks to the Wall Street Journal about a legal challenge to arbitration procedures in Delaware.

Barnico Op Ed on Bonin Saga in MLW (Subscription Required)

Newton, MA--Tom Barnico has an op ed published in the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly on the Bonin saga.

Video: Sherman on New Book 'Juvenile Justice'

Newton, MA--Professor Francine Sherman, Director of the Juvenile Rights Advocacy Project at Boston College Law School, has released a new book:  “Juvenile Justice: Advancing Research, Policy and Practice” (Wiley).

Madoff on Capital Gains Reform in Bloomberg

Newton, MA--Professor Ray Madoff discusses two ways to fairly improve capital-gains taxes on Bloomberg.

Greenfield's 'Myth of Choice' in Chronicle of Higher Ed

Newton, MA--Professor Kent Greenfield's new book 'Myth of Choice' is featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Olson Op Ed on Copyrights and Congress in Washington Examiner

Newton, MA--David Olson's op ed on copyrights and Congressional power appears in the Washington Examiner.

Kanstroom Quoted in Nation on Asylum Seeker

Newton, MA--Dan Kanstroom is quoted in the Nation on deportation.

Madoff Talks to Forward on Donor Advised Funds

Newton, MA--Ray Madoff talks to the Jewish Forward about Donor Advised Funds.

Greenfield Op Ed in Huffington Post on 'Personhood'

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield writes an op ed in hte Huffington Post about the battle over corporate personhood.

Madoff on Greater Boston on Romney's Tax Returns

Newton, MA--Professor Ray Madoff analyzes Mitt Romney's Tax Returns in this video. 

Brown Talks to Patriot Ledger on Ethics Ruling

Newton, MA--Professor George Brown speaks to The Patriot Ledger about the Hull deal with former U.S. Rep. William Delahunt’s lobbying firm. 

Greenfield Op Ed in Washington Post on 'Citizens United'

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield's op ed on the Citizens United case appears in the Washington Post.

Lyons Talks to WGBH TV on FCC Regulations

Newton, MA--Assistant Professor Daniel A. Lyons appeared in a segment on WGBH's Greater Boston program to give his insight on a graphic political ad. 

Greenfield's 'Myth of Choice' Reviewed in Plain Dealer

Newton, MA--Professor Greenfield's new book 'Myth of Choice' is reviewed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer by an Ohio State University law student. 

Brown Talks to News Outlets on Mahenna Trial Verdict

Newton, MA--Professor George Brown talks to various news outlets about the Mahenna terror trial guilty verdict.

Greenfield On Choice and the Free Market in Montreal Review

Newton, MA--KEnt Greenfield has a feature on "Choice and the Free Market" in the Montreal Review.

Greenfield Talks to CBS News On Long Term Unemployed

Newton, MA--Kent Greenfield talks to CBS about long term unemployed job seekers.

Albert, Greenfield, Papandrea in Globe on Occupy Boston

Newton, MA--Professors Mary Rose Papandrea, Richard Albert, and Kent Greenfield are all quoted in the Boston Globe about the city's potential choice to evict the protesters from a city park, and implications on free speech.

Kalscheur Essay on Future of Catholic Colleges in Inside Higher Ed

Newton, MA--Father Kalscheur's article on the future of Catholic intellectual tradition is featured in Inside Higher Ed.

Madoff Op Ed in Times on Problems with 'Donor-Advised Funds'

Newton, MA--Professor Ray Madoff writes an op ed in the New York Times on the growth of donor-advised funds--and the issue with delayed distribution.