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Boston College Law School faculty are used as legal experts and sources by a growing number of reporters and media outlets, both across the country and around the world. This section of the website contains a selection of links to articles where BC Law faculty have been recently quoted.

If you are a member of the media looking to speak with a faculty member, please contact Director of Communications Nate Kenyon (617-552-1184; cell 617-417-6818) for assistance.

Professor Daniel Kanstroom
Kanstroom Op Ed in New York Times: Stop Deporting Immigrants for Minor Offenses

Last week, President Obama commuted the prison sentences of 111 federal inmates who had been convicted of nonviolent drug offenses, bringing the administration’s total number of commutations to more than the previous 10 presidents combined.

Professor Frank Garcia photo
Garcia Interviewed on Global Law by Castan Center at Monash Law School

Melissa Castan, Deputy Director of the Castan Center, interviews Professor Frank Garcia on Globalisation and the Global Lawyer.

Professor Sharon Beckman
Beckman in Boston Globe on Shaken-Baby Syndrome Cases

Top child-advocacy and pediatricians’ groups are calling on the governor to introduce more oversight of individual state medical examiners, saying the current system of giving each of them exclusive power to issue — or revise — homicide rulings undermines confidence in their findings.

Professor Kari Hong
Hong on ABC News Discussing Trump Immigration Policy

Donald Drumpf laid out a lengthy plan covering various facets of his immigration policy in a speech Wednesday night, some points of which he’s said before on the campaign trail.

Professor Mary Bilder
Bilder Interviewed by Society for Historians of the Early American Republic

Mary Sarah Bilder is Founders Professor of Law and Michael and Helen Lee Distinguished Scholar at Boston College Law School. Her book, Madison’s Hand: Revising the Constitutional Convention, was the inaugural winner of SHEAR’s James Bradford Biography Prize.

Professor Ray Madoff
Madoff in Wall Street Journal on Clinton Foundation Controversy

Chelsea Clinton plans to remain on the board of the Clinton Foundation if her mother, Hillary Clinton, is elected president this fall, a foundation spokesman said Wednesday.

Professor Fran Sherman
Sherman Speaks to Rewire About Murder and Abuse Case Involving Incarcerated Teen

In July, Bresha Meadows, then 14, had been arrested for allegedly shooting her father with his own gun as he slept—the same gun he had often brandished, she said, to keep his own family in line.

Professor Kari Hong
Hong on ABC News Regarding North Carolina Bathroom Lawsuit

Supporters of North Carolina's bathroom rules have urged a federal judge to closely consider a ruling in Texas that has temporarily blocked the Obama administration's ability to withhold federal money from schools that don't let transgender students use bathrooms matching their gender identity.

Professor Dan Lyons
Lyons in Forbes on Banning Class-Action Waivers

A conservative group is challenging the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s proposed rule banning class-action waivers in financial contracts, saying the agency failed to provide enough data to support its premise.

Professor Richard Albert
Albert Op Ed in Huffington Post on Constitutional Amendments

There is nothing new about presidential candidates pledging to amend the United States Constitution. Equal parts ritual and necessity, little else rallies a party’s base quite like a bold promise to insert a plank of its platform into the Constitution.

Dean Vincent Rougeau

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